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Blog 24/06/2024

How We Support Our Community Through Your Purchases!

When we sell private number plates, we donate a portion of the proceeds to good causes. Learn about these charities and how you can help.

Orange Lamborghini, with no front number plate
Blog 11/04/2024

Do you need to display front number plates in the UK?

This and other important questions answered as UK Number Plate Crime Is on the rise!
UK drivers may be breaking the law by removing their number plates. Could they face fines of up to £1000? Our FOI requests reveal number plate crime statistics.

An image of a woman holding number plates. Her plates look like the words 'Love Gifts' and other plates on the image look like 'Valentine'. Text reads 'Gift Guide'
Blog 09/02/2024

Valentine's Guide: Find the Perfect Partner Plate?

Looking for a great Valentine's day gift? It's never too late to go searching for a Partner Plate, as we offer Gift Presentation Certificates as great last-minute Valentine's gifts. If you're feeling brave, you can head straight to our Smart Search and start exploring all on your own: https://www.plates4less.co.uk/

Of course, we've got some special Valentine's Day tips for you in this article, too! And, don't forget to check out the Valentine's Guide in our Gift Hub.

A mirrored image of a car. The image also has a 20 MPH sign, a camera, and a ULEZ sign.
Blog 26/01/2024

Is There A War Against Motorists In 2024?

Many speed limits have been reduced to 20 MPH in Wales - will the UK follow? As a private number plate supplier, we're looking into the war on motorists.

Plates4Less Launches Guide to Make Gifting Private Plates Easy!
News 11/12/2023

Plates4Less Launches Guide to Make Gifting Private Plates Easy!

The Hub is home to a series of guides that will walk you through the gift-shopping process, to ensure you have a fun and easy gifting experience.

The background is a wall of number plates, the foreground shows a business owner with her vehicle.
News 16/11/2023

VRM Swansea Launches Plates4Business hub featuring the Ultimate Number Plate Guide for Business

At Plates4Less, we've been working with businesses since 1997. As a result, we've become experts in helping companies find the right private number plates and now, we're passing that expertise on to you!

A thief using a fishing line to steal private plates. The bottom of the image shows the words 'Seller Beware'
News 13/10/2023

Number Plate Scams on the rise online - Please Beware

We recently featured in the Daily Express, providing advice on number plate scams to their readers. Since this information is proving to be so crucial, we also wanted to make sure that our readers are aware of the risks involved with buying or selling private number plates on Social Media sites.

The text 'Summer Contest Winner 2023' is on a white background. In the left corner is our logo, and in the right is a yellow sun. The bottom of the image is taken up by two polaroids of the winning private plates, with colourful brush strokes behind them
Blog 22/09/2023

Private Number Plate Competition Winner, Summer 2023!

We are thrilled to announce the winner of our Summer Number Plate Contest 2023 - Jon Davies with the registration number SD04 JFD. We chose our winner based on their reasons for wanting a personalised plate and we loved Jon's answer. To get to know our winner a bit better, we interviewed him about his plate, and we've included some of his responses here.

A Black and white image. On the left, a car is facing left, under a streetlight. The image is mirrored on the right. Text across the top reads 'NUMBER PLATE CLONING'
News 15/09/2023

Number Plate Cloning On the Rise

We recently put out a press release on the issue of number plate cloning, a crime which makes victims of innocent motorists. With the London ULEZ zone expanding, cloning is unfortunately on the rise, stressing out motorists who are being sent ULEZ charges and speeding fines for offences they have not committed.

UK number plates guide to what's legal
Blog 16/06/2023

Are your UK number plates legal?

In the United Kingdom, displaying number plates on your vehicle is a legal requirement. The purpose of the number plate is to identify the vehicle and its owner, and to help enforce road traffic laws.

Every day we have clients ask us if they can mis-space or alter their number plates to their liking and wish to further customise their Private Plates so that they have more meaning to them.

We wanted to put together this handy guide of answers to the most-asked questions on this subject to help you understand the do's and don'ts when it comes to displaying a vehicle number plate on the UK roads.

Can I sell my number plate
Blog 19/05/2023

Can I get my old private number plate back?

We often get asked 'I used to own a private plate, can I get it back?' In our experience it really depends on the situation. Below we answer the most common questions and we hope this guide helps drivers understand their options.

Existing number plate
Blog 06/04/2023

What happens to my existing number plate?

As the most popular supplier of private number plates we often get asked this question by our customers, as they wonder what happens to their existing registration mark once the transfer of their new private plate is complete.

number plate quiz
blog 15/12/2022

Can you spot an illegal number plate?

We've noticed, especially on social media, that many people flaunt or unknowingly display illegal private number plates, so here at Plates4Less we've created a quiz to see if people can recognise these potentially expensive mistakes.

A car showing halloween plates, GH11OST and V444MPP
Blog 31/10/2022

Devilishly Good Number Plates for Halloween

At the end of last year, vehicle registration mark DEV 1L managed to fetch over £300,000 at auction, qualifying as one of the UK's top 20 most expensive plates. (We wrote about the top 10 expensive sellers).

Can I sell my number plate
Blog 27/10/2022

Can I sell my number plate?

There will probably be no interest in your physical number plates, but if you own a personalised registration mark OR have an interesting registration mark that came on a vehicle then it is very likely that you'll be able to sell it, should you be able to find a buyer.

Car window with penalty notice charge
News 07/10/2022

Drastic Increase in Number Plate Cloning

Heycar are reporting a 857% increase in cancelled Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) from April 2021 to April 2022. With car cloning on a high, more and more people are receiving fines through their door for offences they have not committed.

Top 11 pricey plates text on top of british flag
News 19/08/2022

The Top Pricey Private Plates in the UK

While Private Plates are a very affordable way to customise your vehicle, there are always a few people who like to spend a little more for the perfect registration mark.

Keeping it clean article
Blog 18/08/2022

Keeping your number plate clean

Did you know that you could face a hefty £100 fine if your number plate is dirty?

Changes to the highway code 2022
News 28/06/2022

DVLA says NO to going digital

They're proving popular overseas in the USA, but so far the DVLA says digital number plates won't be welcome in the UK any time soon.

Winning with plates4less
Blog 17/06/2022

Winning with Plates4less

We like competitions at plates4less, be it our annual Christmas draw or simply to celebrate those who choose to name their vehicles, and over the years we've given away a fair few personalised registration marks.

Cars being cloned
Blog 04/05/2022

Number plate cloning leads to a rise in cancelled speeding fines

There's been a substantial rise in the number of cloned number plates on our roads this last year and it's led to hundreds of thousands of speeding fines being cancelled.

Changes to the highway code 2022
News 08/03/2022

Changes to the Highway Code in January 2022

In order to ensure we all stay safe on the roads, The Highway Code often needs to change so as to better protect those deemed most vulnerable, such as pedestrians, horse-riders, and cyclists. With this in mind, some major new changes came into effect from 29 th January, 2022.

Iconic cars and number plates of 007 main image
Blog 01/02/2022

Have you named your car?

We've all called our car a name or two when it won't start, but have you given it a proper name? Well apparently 1 in 6 of us have, with those aged between 35 and 54 the most likely to have done so.

This statistic comes from a recent survey carried out by the DVLA*, which also revealed some of the most popular and the most unusual.

Iconic cars and number plates of 007
Blog 10/11/2021

Live and Let Buy Premium 007 Bond Cars in Auction

James Bond is as synonymous with style and sophistication as he is with action and espionage; his tailor kits him out well, Q ensures he has the most cutting-edge gadgets, and there's always a very fine car or two for him to use on his mission. Whether it's a classy Aston Martin, a sporty supercar, or a more robust off-roader, Bond never fails to use his licence to thrill, driving the action from one film to the next.

The Iconic Cars and Plates of 007 Bond
Blog 22/09/2021

The Iconic Cars and Plates of 007 Bond.

Bond (James Bond) has driven many cars in his career. From a missile-launching Aston Martin to a fully submersible Lotus Esprit or a change-to-a-plane AMC Matador, Bond's vehicles always come with a license to thrill, so fasten your seatbelts and prepare yourself for some of Bond's best drives...

Road trip games
Blog 03/08/2021

It's all fun and games on a road trip!

A look at some fun games to play to pass the time on a road trip

Road trip - map of UK with marked points
Blog 09/07/2021

Road trip! The best roads in Britain

If you happened to read our article on road-trip movies it might be that you've been inspired to go on one yourself. Or maybe it's the lockdown cabin-fever setting in that's inspired you. Tricky to do at the moment, of course, what with Brexit and COVID restrictions bringing their own complications when it comes to travel, but thanks to today's technology you can still go virtually anywhere. Emphasis on the virtually.

James Bond images
Blog 15/06/2021

You Know His Name Associating the Best with Bond

He's known by his surname, likes his martinis shaken (not stirred), and travels all around the world on Her Majesty's Service. He also tends to dress well, drives the best cars, and is never short of romantic attention. He is 007. He is Bond… James Bond.

planning a road trip
Blog 15/06/2021

How to plan a road trip

If you read our article on films you might have been inspired to go on one yourself. Tricky to do under the current lockdown rules, of course, with hitting the road reserved for essential travel, but you could always start planning for when this is all over, seeing the sights you always told yourself you'd see, or finally visiting friends and family you've not seen for a while.

Drivers shocked as fuel price rises
News 25/05/2021

Drivers Shocked as Fuel Prices Rise

With a country in lockdown and travelling restricted, you might not be thinking too much about fuel...

F1 Bugatti
Blog 15/04/2021

Licensed for Luxury

Taking a look at the priciest Private number plates in the UK

4d plate white
Blog 18/02/2021

4D or not 4D, that is the question...

At VRM Plates4less we are frequently asked if 4D plates are recognised as legal plates on UK roads. The short answer to this question is YES, but let us explain 4D plates in a little more detail.

Christmas competition winner banner
Blog 04/02/2021

Not just for Christmas

After an amazing response to our recent Christmas competition we selected not one but two winners

Green number plate
News 27/01/2021

Green plates are a go!

You may remember a while ago we wrote about the proposal for 'green' number plates, an incentive designed to promote an awareness of electric vehicles and those producing zero CO2 emissions while also making these cleaner vehicles more instantly recognisable

Chrismas competition winner banner
Blog 26/01/2021

Making a splash!

We had such a great response to our Christmas competition that we decided to announce two winners, rounding off 2020 with something positive!

Road Trip Number Plate Flicks Article
Blog 11/01/2021

Road Trip Number Plate Flicks

Thanks to the coronavirus, most of us are self-isolating and refraining from travel that isn’t absolutely necessary. But don’t worry; just because you’re stuck indoors doesn’t mean you can’t go on a road trip, there are plenty of films that’ll take you on just such a journey, many of them available on streaming services such as Netflix and Prime Video. Such as these…

Green plates image
Blog 18/09/2020

Will green plates get the go ahead?

With so many parts of our country currently exceeding the legal limits of toxic air pollution, it's obvious we have a serious pollution problem in the UK. One contributing factor to this is the large number of vehicles on our roads, with the average car emitting somewhere between 4 and 6 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

How you can save money with private plates image
Blog 21/08/2020

Keep the car - Change the plate!

With COVID-19 affecting businesses worldwide, and with many of us worrying what the financial future might hold, it's understandable to think we're doomed to dark times ahead.

Car showing an illegally spaced number plate
News 17/07/2020

Northumbria Police Clamp Down on Illegal Private Plates

Northumbria police have recently posted on their website that there is a crackdown on illegally modified private plates and that they are leading the charge on the problem. A team of 15 hand-picked Special Constables have been assembled to join their Sergeant in stopping vehicles with illegal private plates.

Brett holding a private number plate 6 BB
Blog 02/07/2020

The cost of COVID living keeping your present vehicle during a recession

There are a but a few large purchases we make in life. One is a home. You might spend a lot on a wedding or an expensive holiday treat. Another often-high expense is your vehicle. (or vehicles, if you are fortunate enough to have more than one) New ones simply don't come cheap!

British and EU flags with car in the background
News 01/07/2020

Should you buy before Brexit?

A no-deal Brexit looks set to change car prices, so should you buy now to get a better deal?

plates4less V5 documents front and back
News 23/06/2020

You Can Now Change the Address on your Logbook Online

The DVLA has now launched a new online service for changing the address details on your V5 Registration Document (also known as a logbook). This should significantly reduce the time it takes, meaning you could receive your updated logbook in just 5 days.

Selling your personal number plate
Blog 15/06/2020

Selling your Personal Number Plate Exploring the Cons of a DIY sale

People buy private plates for a variety of reasons. But what should you do when you want to sell your cherished number plate?

Legal Private Plates Spotter
Blog 22/05/2020

Legal Private Plates Spotter - Summer 2020

Not so long ago, we created a game to test your knowledge of private plates, challenging you to spot the illegal ones amongst those allowed on the roads. It proved to be very popular, with more than 15,000 people taking part!

Sell your private number plate with plates4less
Blog 15/05/2020

Sell Your Private Number Plate the Easy Way!

Want to sell your personal registration mark? Check out the Seller's area of our website for help with how

70s plate release article
News 06/05/2020

The 70s are here! The DVLA Releases the 70 Private Number Plates

The new series of 70s number plates have been released, and you can place your order now with us at plates4less.

Plate investment
News 30/04/2020

How Private Number Plates are proven to be Great Investments

People buy private registration marks for various reasons – displaying a name, perhaps, or promoting a business – and with a whole range of combinations to choose from, there's no shortage of plates to fit any purpose.

private plate quiz night
Blog 24/04/2020

Hosting a Private Plate Quiz

Have you ever wondered how to host your own virtual quiz? Consider this as your virtual quiz guide along with a downloadable 'Spot the illegal plate quiz' to get you started on your journey to mastering eQuizzery.

Help protect your vehicle image
Blog 11/02/2020

Help Protect Your Vehicle from theft with a Private Registration Mark!

Correcting A Newspaper's Inaccurate Claims…

Best games for isolated motorists
Blog 07/02/2020

Game On! Best games for isolated motorists

Calling all isolated motorists… Stuck indoors, trapped in isolation, while avoiding unnecessary travel? We know the feeling. That's why we'll be sharing a series of articles thematically linked to cars and driving – including how to drive from the comfort and safety of your own home!

clone wars number plates
News 21/01/2020

Attack of the Clones Episode II A New Hope

In a recent article we told you about one of our customers, Mr 'Jones' (real name withheld for safety), who found himself the victim of number plate cloning, receiving several fines as the result of someone else's motoring offences. Well, we're pleased to say he was able to prove his innocence and is now the proud owner of a new private registration mark.

Christmas Winner image
Blog 16/01/2020

We have a Christmas Winner!

You may have noticed that we recently ran a Christmas competition, giving away a private registration mark! We asked those entering the competition to pick the perfect plate and let us know why it was so suited to them.

Attack of the Clones Number Plate Theft and Vehicle Cloning article
News 19/12/2019

Attack of the Clones Number Plate Theft and Vehicle Cloning

These days, Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology (or ANPR) is everywhere. In fact, there are more than 8500 such cameras around the UK, able to capture up to 35 million registrations per day. It is used to help combat crime, and to issue fines to those guilty of motoring offences. However, as a result of this new technology a new crime has emerged number plate theft and vehicle cloning.

4D Standout Plates Available Now!
Blog 29/11/2019

4D Standout Plates Available Now!

You'll need new number plates to match your new registration mark so why not order them from us?

Numerology on Plates article
Blog 20/11/2019

Choosing the numbers on your plate Numerology

When it comes to vehicle registrations, there's more to the numbers on your plate than you might think.

reindeer with the text 'Plates4Less Christmas Buying Guide'
Blog 14/11/2019

Christmas Gift Advice

Private registration marks make the perfect, unique gift. You can secure a registration mark for your loved one now - we have provided the following advice to help you further.

Kitt Car Article article
Blog 22/10/2019

The future is now... Modern K.I.T.T. Cars

If you grew up in the 80s, chances are high you loved Knight Rider, memorable for its wonderful talking car K.I.T.T. which was equipped with enough gadgets to put a Bond car to shame.

Car with an illegal number plate
Blog 10/09/2019

Illegal number plates are on our roads, but does it bother you?

You may have recently seen (and even played!) our number plate game to see if you could spot an illegal number plate. Many vehicles these days are displaying illegal personal number plates, so we challenged people to test their knowledge, identifying from amongst a number of real UK number plates those that were legal and those that were not.

Drivers head over heels for 69 number plates
News 22/08/2019

Drivers head over heels for 69 plates

Warning This article contains naughty number plates!

What's happened to the UK Motor Industry
News 21/08/2019

What's happened to the UK Motor Industry?

You told us what you thought in a recent poll and we've presented the results below...

Can you spot an illegal number plate
Blog 20/08/2019

Can you spot an illegal number plate?

We've noticed, especially on social media, that many people flaunt or unknowingly display illegal personal number plates, so here at Plates4Less we've created a quiz to see if people can recognise these potentially expensive mistakes.

Is Brexit the primary reason for the decline of the UK motor industry
News 31/07/2019

Is Brexit the primary reason for the decline of the UK motor industry?

At Plates4Less, we're always keen to keep up to date with the motor industry. Lately, many of the news articles we've been seeing have focused on closures and job losses and reduced investments, with opinions varying as to whether the looming threat of Brexit is at fault, or if other factors within the industry are to blame.

DVLA report £2 billion made from private number plates article
News 27/07/2019

DVLA report £2 billion made from private number plates!

In the time the DVLA has been providing personalised registrations it has put a staggering £2 billion in the coffers of the Treasury. Last year alone, an impressive £116 million went to the Treasury as a result of the sale of personal registrations.

ten thousand trustpilot reviews
News 26/07/2019

Plates4Less celebrates reaching 10,000 reviews on TrustPilot

Today marks a special day at Plates4less as we're the first company in the private number plate industry to achieve more than 10,000 five-star reviews on Trustpilot!

Number plate history and quiz article
News 20/07/2019

The UK number plate system. A brief history

People often ask about why we have number plates, if they can "create their own" and if they can alter the spaces between numbers and letters.

Camera that will track number plates on the road
News 14/07/2019

Can you be tracked by your number plate?

These days, the importance placed on data protection means many of us can rest easy regarding the handling of our personal information, while CCTV and other technologies help to make us feel safe. But as anyone who's had a speeding ticket can testify, cameras and databases can identify who and where we are

Australian flag with kangaroo's and emoji number plate on top
Blog 02/07/2019

Australian Emoji Number Plates

New Australian design gets the thumbs up! 👍

Personalised gift plates
News 22/06/2019

Buying a Registration as a Gift

One question always on our customers' minds is how to purchase a registration as a gift, and what we can offer as a part of our gift service.

Number plate with question marks
Blog 05/06/2019

Thinking of buying a Private Number Plate? Here's what you really need to know

Most people are unaware of Transfer Rules Age Restrictions, and we understand that other websites can sometimes be unclear about the legal transfer rules (or not even mention them), so that's why Plates4Less have developed a new tool that can check whether the private registration number plate you want, is suitable for the intended vehicle!

Legalities of finding an owner of a plate
Blog 30/05/2019

Can you find the owner of a personalised registration?

Many people who ask us for assistance have already got their perfect registration mark in mind and they wonder what we can do to locate it.

New V5C form
News 05/05/2019

The New Style V5C Form

As of April 2019 the DVLA are issuing a newly styled V5C logbook. Let's take a look at what the new logbook looks like.

Plates4Less launches media guides!
News 02/05/2019

Plates4Less Media Guides Launch

Smart Search Launch
News 01/05/2019

Plates4Less Smart Search Launch

Hi! My name's Charlotte and I'm part of the sales team at Plates4Less, and I'm here to explain our new and improved Smart-Search system to help customers find the perfect private number plate.