Keep the car - Change the plate!

With COVID-19 affecting businesses worldwide, and with many of us worrying what the financial future might hold, it's understandable to think we're doomed to dark times ahead.
21/08/2020 Blog
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Introducing the coverplate hotlist

We’ve already made some adjustments with our spending. When the bars and restaurants were closed, for example, we saved money by eating and drinking at home, with perhaps the occasional takeaway to help support local businesses. (People started to bake more, too, though that might not be such great news for our expanding waistlines!)

With travel very much restricted, we’re saving money on holidays abroad, taking ‘staycations’ instead of vacations overseas. Some of us have avoided using our vehicles as frequently too, saving on fuel.

With this pandemic in mind, and all the financial implications involved, it may come as little surprise to know that people are refraining from buying new vehicles this year. But if you’re concerned about being unable to upgrade your vehicle with a newer model in 2020, don’t worry. We have an alternative solution…

Instead of changing the Car …change the Number Plates!

People upgrade their vehicle for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is to project an image, presenting themselves with the newest car so as to appear more professional or successful. For others it’s about maintaining customer or client confidence. But a period of recession can make the cost of upgrading your vehicle impractical.

It used to be that an effective alternative was to hire a vehicle which could be replaced annually, but people have become more wary of the associated pitfalls of hiring over buying. What’s more, with vehicles being manufactured to higher standards, replacing them yearly becomes more of a cosmetic consideration rather than mechanical necessity.

Rather than replacing the vehicle itself, cover plates are instead, a very affordable way to disguise the age of your current vehicle. A cover plate is a private plate without the higher cost, and because lots of them lack age identifiers it means many of them are suitable for any car, van, taxi, bus, lorry or motorcycle. (Even those with age identifiers can be an effective way to hide the vehicle’s age if the date on the plate is so old that it clearly doesn’t apply to the make and model you’ve put it on!)

You can also use cover plates as an affordable way to make your vehicle more distinctive, a cosmetic addition that will help you stand out from the other road users. This is particular useful if you’ve a business or personal profession to promote, helping to make your vehicle more memorable.

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I love my new plates. Looking professional is a huge part of what makes us stand out as a small business in our local area.

Fleet vehicles

If your business has two or more vehicles then you have a fleet, and whatever you have in your fleet, be they: coaches, vans, taxis, lorries, mopeds, etc – cover plates can give you a huge advantage over other businesses. Not only can you use cover number plates to disguise a vehicle’s age, as already noted, but you can use them to unite your fleet into a more visually cohesive unit. Ensuring the vehicles in your fleet use plates with consecutive numbers, for example, makes for a memorable way to present your business, as does using a series of matching plates that utilise the same sequences of numbers or letters. If you are smart you can even make your fleet look larger and more impressive by using numbers that rise in 10’s or 100’s instead of single digits!

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My fleet are all still looking as good as new. Changing the plates has saved me thousands!

Money in the bank? Make it work for you!

We recently wrote an article showing how number plates can make great no-maintenance investments and this is also true with coverplates, usually they retain their value or even become more valuable over time. Welcome news indeed during these financially uncertain times….. And you don’t need a lot of money to buy one. At plates4less, prices for cover plates start as low as £37.50. (excluding government fees)

To learn more, visit the Cover Number Plates page of our website where you’ll find a curated list of available plates. There’s also testimonials from our customers explaining how cover plates have benefitted them. You’ll find a search to help you find the perfect plate, with smart tools to help with multiple plate sequences if you need them for a fleet of vehicles.

At plates4less you can purchase your cover plate easily and safely from the comfort of your own home, either online or by telephone.