Have you named your car?

We've all called our car a name or two when it won't start, but have you given it a proper name? Well apparently 1 in 6 of us have, with those aged between 35 and 54 the most likely to have done so.

This statistic comes from a recent survey carried out by the DVLA*, which also revealed some of the most popular and the most unusual.

01/02/2022 Blog
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Heading the popular list were names like Betsy, Pablo, and Doris, while Max and Ruby were popular both for cars and for babies this year!

As you might expect, names from TV were a hit as well, with names like the Bat Mobile swooping in for a top spot, along with the likes of Snow White, Homer, Betty Boop, Kermit, and Olaf.

Of the more unusual, there was ZZ Top, Disco Dave, Lady Patricia, and The Beast.

While 35 - 54 was the age range of those most likely to have named their car, with 27% of the group claiming to name their vehicles, 16 - 34 wasn’t exactly far behind, with 26% of those doing the same.

While some names are probably chosen for being favourites, others might be colour-related choices (Snow White? Kermit?) while some names might be derived from the vehicle’s number plates. At plates4less, we’ve even had customer’s purchase personal registrations in order to display their vehicle’s name!

So if you’ve named your car, we can help you put it on a plate. And if you want your name on it, well, we can help with that, too.

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*The DVLA survey recorded results from 2,095 respondents.