The New Style V5C Form

As of April 2019 the DVLA are issuing a newly styled V5C logbook. Let's take a look at what the new logbook looks like.
05/05/2019 News
New V5C form

What is the V5C document?

The V5C document (can be called the V5C logbook) records the current Registered Keeper of the vehicle. (This is considered the person registering and taxing the vehicle and doesn’t necessarily need to be the owner.)

When buying a vehicle it may be worth checking to see that the person you have bought the car off is actually legally allowed to sell you the vehicle. You can do this by checking the bill of sale or by using an ownership checking service.

If you are selling a car the buyer will expect to receive the V5C/2 (new keepers details slip) so that they can become the new keeper. If you do buy a car without a V5C/2, you can apply to get a new logbook, but the companies that issue them do not recommend this as it implies that you didn’t buy the car from the registered keeper.

What does the old style V5 look like?

Up until April 2019 the answer to this question would have been this.

However, since April 2019 the DVLA has started issuing ‘new style’ V5C logbooks. Here we will cover some of the main differences between the two.

Old style v5c

What does the V5C document include?

The V5 document always should include the following information:

  • Date of first registration.
  • Current registered keeper.
  • Previous registered keeper.
  • Vehicle details.
  • Any forms that are required for changes to the V5.

What are the main differences between the new and old V5C?

Understandably, the differences between the two logbooks can be confusing - with web resources referencing the old style mistakes can be made. To counter this we have evaluated the differences and created a comprehensive list of the differences that could affect you getting a private registration.


  1. The document reference number has moved to the top along with the words ‘Don’t share, keep it safe’
  2. Multi-coloured guidance section has been added to the bottom
  3. Enforcement message has been added to the front
  4. The name and address on the front has moved to the top
  5. Date of acquisition has been moved to below the document reference number
Front page of new style v5c form


  1. The vehicle details have been rearranged to the top half of the page to create extra room
  2. Change of keeper and change of name and address have been separated
  3. Customers can now supply contact details
  4. Section 5 (permanently exporting this vehicle for more than 12 months) – country of export field has been added
  5. Section 6 (new keeper’s slip) – name and address fields removed
Internal page of new style v5c form


  1. Data capture boxes introduced for accuracy and simplification
  2. Signature boxes removed and replaced with declarations in red
  3. Welsh version on one side and English on the other
  4. Back page of the English document has been left blank
  5. V5CW – serialised across the three pages that are V5C issuing sections (at the top)
Throughout the new style v5c form

Other changes to consider

The document reference number used to assign your registration to a car has now be duplicated across all the pages and all the instructions have been simplified.


In summary - as of April 2019 - any logbooks that are sent out will be in the new style. The old style logbooks are still valid but will be replaced with the new style if any changes are made or a new one is requested.