4D Standout Plates Available Now!

You'll need new number plates to match your new registration mark so why not order them from us?
29/11/2019 Blog
4D Standout Plates Available Now!

Premium quality number plates delivered to your door- saving you time and money. We have all popular sizes and options including vehicle-specific rear plates and national flag emblems. Our top-quality number plates are 100% legal and at least £10 cheaper per pair (inc. delivery and fixers) than most high street retailers, so you can order with confidence.

  • Premium Quality 100% Legal
  • Free Delivery & Fast Dispatch
  • Latest 4D Customisations
  • Free Fitting Kit & 3 Year Guarantee
  • We Save You Time and Money
  • Free Charity Donation
White 4D Standout plate


Q. What are 4D Standout number plates?

4D Standout plates are number plates which go through an additional hand-build process to have black, laser-cut, acrylic digits professionally bonded to them. These digits rise, or standout, from the plate for a more attractive and personalised look.

Yes, 4D Standout plates are perfectly legal. The DVLA allows the new aesthetic design so long as the font remains Charles Wright and the spacing between characters is not altered in any way.

Q. What makes 4D Standout number plates so special?

The raised laser-cut digits are high gloss black, sharply cut, and professionally bonded, designed to take the appearance of your vehicle to the ‘next-level’, so to speak.

Yes. Because these laser-cut digits are professionally bonded on top of an already fully legal number plate, if they are damaged in any way then it remains possible to read the number plate underneath and comply with the law.

Q. What happens if my number plates are faulty, will my plates be guaranteed?

Absolutely, yes. All our number plates are guaranteed for 3 years against manufacturing defects, provided you don’t drill through the 4D digits at any time, or have an unfortunate accident with them.

Q. Why don’t you sell 3D gel plates?

As part of our strict quality controls we professionally tested all types of 3D Gel digits (plain, carbon etc.) and found that they failed to meet the required British Standard, particularly when it came to thermal testing. Fluctuations in temperature typical of our normal British climate, soon led to deterioration of bonding agents and deformity of the digits, resulting in the digits peeling from the plates and becoming unrecognisable without warning. We only sell road-legal number plates.