Private Number Plate Competition Winner, Summer 2023!

We are thrilled to announce the winner of our Summer Number Plate Contest 2023 - Jon Davies with the registration number SD04 JFD. We chose our winner based on their reasons for wanting a personalised plate and we loved Jon's answer. To get to know our winner a bit better, we interviewed him about his plate, and we've included some of his responses here.
22/09/2023 Blog
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In Jon’s Facebook comment entry, he wrote:

The image shows a wood-texture background. On it is a heart, containing the letters 'JFD 4 SD'

This has got my wife's and my initials, it reminds me of scratching SD 4 JFD on a school desk with a heart around it.

though there were plenty of other entries that plucked at our heartstrings. A huge thank you to everyone who entered.

(Remember, if you didn’t win this time, you can either wait for our next competition or speak to our sales team about purchasing your plate).

We asked Jon about his entry, and he filled us in on the details. He told us that it was actually “the other way round, as in JD 4 SD, but as my wife doesn’t have a middle name, with SD 04 JFD, we had our initials on a plate.”

Regarding carving their initials into desks, Jon recalled “I think every desk in our school had these on them, it was probably our generation’s way of finding out if someone likes you or not before any idea that social media would even be a thing, imagine if Sue had scratched it out when she saw it, not sure if she ever did.”

Whether she did or not, things clearly worked out. He first met his wife back when they were in comprehensive school together, and they’ve been dating since their early 20’s. The pair are about to celebrate their 29th anniversary - and what better way to celebrate than with a plate representing their relationship! The timing could almost be fate.

We also found out that Jon loves “getting out in the car for a drive.” He told us that going down to the Gower and to the Brecon Beacons are two of his favourite drives - we can’t help but agree that these are beautiful locations. Particularly if you’re making these drives in a stylish Mercedes Benz C class convertible like Jon! We were also pleased to find that this isn’t his first experience with a private plate. Jon has bought one previously for his wife’s birthday, and seems to enjoy Private Plates quite a bit.

Jon went on to say:

A photograph of a black car displaying a plate which reads 'SD04 JFD'

My thoughts are, if you look after your car and take pride in its appearance a private plate fits with that mindset. It wouldn't matter to me if it was a Mini or a Bentley, I'd still like it to look as nice as possible and a plate like this is meaningful, even if only a few friends and family get the idea behind the choice made. It's also a great way of making an older car lose its age, if that's what some people want to do by investing in a plate.

Well put, Jon!

It’s fantastic that this competition has found such a worthy winner. Of course, this isn’t our first time running a contest like this. In the past, we’ve had a winner whose plate was based on work with bulldogs, and another whose plate was inspired by his son. It seems only fitting that this time, the plate is based on a life partner!

Partner Plates are actually pretty popular. They make great anniversary or birthday gifts, and are generally a good way for people to celebrate and endorse their relationships.

An infographic with a number of ideas for partner and family private number plates

If you’re interested in a plate like this, you can get a gift certificate through us to give to your partner and mark the occasion. We can even help you keep it as a surprise - we work hard to be diligent in our customer service.

As such, we’re so pleased to report that Jon was happy with his Plates4Less experience.

Best bit is the customer service we received from yourselves, it really is first class. The attention to detail shown was very reassuring

Interested in getting a plate like Jon’s? Start looking for your partner’s plate today with our Private Number Plates Smart Search Tool! Why not take inspiration from Jon, and search for you and your partner’s initials?