The 70s are here! The DVLA Releases the 70 Private Number Plates

The new series of 70s number plates have been released, and you can place your order now with us at plates4less.
06/05/2020 News
70s plate release article

The new 70 age-identifier means that a whole load of new private number plates have become available for the first time (nearly 8 million of them, in fact!) and with the 7 resembling a T and the 0 the letter O, it means you’ll be able to find combinations like:

The 70s plate can only be displayed on vehicles first registered in the UK from September 2020, but don’t worry if you have no plans to buy a new car just yet – your new 70 private registration mark can be kept on certificate for ten years, and then renewed if necessary, giving you plenty of time to purchase a suitable vehicle sometime in the future.

As we discussed in a previous article, personal registration marks make great investments, too, so you could keep one (or more!) on a certificate to sell at a later date.

Rolls Royce with private plate RR70 YCE

The DVLA releases 70s private number plates and they are for sale on plates4less. Rolls Royce private number plate. We’ve been in the registration mark and number plate industry for more than 20 years, so why not give us a call to speak to one of our advisors about finding you the perfect plate or reserving one you’ve already seen? We have more than 49 million registration marks on our website, giving you plenty to choose from, and with our search tool it couldn’t be easier!

Click here to find the newly released 70 DVLA private number plates