Devilishly Good Number Plates for Halloween

At the end of last year, vehicle registration mark DEV 1L managed to fetch over £300,000 at auction, qualifying as one of the UK's top 20 most expensive plates. (We wrote about the top 10 expensive sellers).
31/10/2022 Blog
A car showing halloween plates, GH11OST and V444MPP

Update - We’ve recently made the highest value sale in the United Kingdom. Our transaction involved a single letter-single number registration for in excess of £600,000!

We think the fiendish plate, favoured by the dastardly Cruella de Vil in 101 Dalmatians, would make a hell of a match for a Lamborghini Diablo, don’t you think? Diablo does mean devil, after all.

While the DVLA do tend to forbid certain combinations as being offensive or of a sensitive nature, it seems they have little issue with a satanic plate like DEV 1L, or others like it. The notorious ‘number of the beast’ - 666 - for example, at detailed in the Bible book of Revelations and popularised by films such as The Omen, is a permitted plate. In fact, 666 plates are firm favourites with Iron Maiden fans!

That said, a newspaper did once run an article about a car mysteriously bursting into flame, suggesting it might have been ‘The devil’s work?’ due to the vehicle’s 666 number plate! So maybe the devil really is in the details…?

If you’re brave enough for a 666 plate, we can conjure you one from our wide selection.

We also have HEX plates.

Other demonic or ghostly combinations currently available on our website include:

Whatever the time of year, we’ll always have some Monster Savings at! If we can help you buy or sell a plate, please check out our website or call us on 01792 477316.