Plates4Less Media Guides Launch

02/05/2019 News
Plates4Less launches media guides!

We understand that different people learn in different ways and because of this we have decided to make some media guides. By using the guides as a visual aid we hope that we can take the confusion out of buying a private registration.

Media Guides have now been added to our website as part of the recent updates to Plates4Less/VRM Swansea. They contain a series of videos, presentations and infographics to help answer some common questions that are asked regularly by customers.

To access our media guides follow this link.

Here is a list of the 7 guides we have available at launch of the media guide section.

Click them to access the article directly or click here to access the media guide homepage.

Put private number plates on a vehicle - video thumbnail

This video covers:

  • Assigning a private number plate from the certificate to the vehicle.
  • Transferring a private number plate from vehicle to vehicle.
  • Retaining a private number plate from vehicle to certificate.
  • Along with a brief look at V5 documents.
How Do I Sell a Private Number Plate

This video covers:

  • How much is my private number plate worth?
  • How do I take the plates off of my vehicle if I’m selling them?
  • What paperwork will I need to sell my private plate?
  • Is it true that this will cost me nothing, not even a sales commission?
Are Private Plates Good Investments

This video covers:

  • Which private plates make the good investments?
  • Do private plates increase in value?
  • How can I buy a private plate?
  • We also provide some examples of great plates that soared in value!
Can I Put a Private Number Plate on my Vehicle

This video covers:

  • What private number plate can I have?
  • Does the age of my vehicle matter?
  • Does the type of vehicle matter?
  • Does my vehicle need to be taxed?
  • Does my vehicle need to be MOT’d?
  • Can I put a private number plate on a leased vehicle?
What are the Different UK Number Plate Styles

This video covers:

  • Prefix Style registrations
  • Current Style registrations
  • Suffix Style registrations
  • Dateless Style registrations
  • Irish Style registrations
Why buy a Private Number Plates

This video covers:

  • People who want to stand out.
  • Personal significance.
  • A great gift idea.
  • Memorable business branding.
  • Low maintenance investment.

Each of the videos contains a brief explaination of each of the topics and has links to our other guide sections for further reading.