Valentine's Guide: Find the Perfect Partner Plate?

Looking for a great Valentine's day gift? It's never too late to go searching for a Partner Plate, as we offer Gift Presentation Certificates as great last-minute Valentine's gifts. If you're feeling brave, you can head straight to our Smart Search and start exploring all on your own:

Of course, we've got some special Valentine's Day tips for you in this article, too! And, don't forget to check out the Valentine's Guide in our Gift Hub.

09/02/2024 Blog
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Why do Private Plates Make Good Valentine’s gifts?

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Private plates are personalised, which already makes them great for gifting, because they allow you to show how much you know about your giftee and get them something unique. Private plates are also distinctive luxury items, which are long lasting, no maintenance and potentially ever-lasting!

Consider that they’re also particularly wonderful gifts for car fans, who care a lot about their vehicles. A private plate is a great way to customise and personalise a beloved car or motorbike. These plates can also help disguise the age of a vehicle, since many number plates carry an age identifier. Some plates even have resale value, and if chosen wisely make good investments.

They make particularly good Valentine’s Day gifts, because they can be customised to be representative of any person or relationship. There are plenty of people who are either tired of, or never enjoyed, classic Valentine’s gifts. If your partner isn’t interested in clichés, or you want to get them something more memorable/unique, then this is the solution.

What are Partner Plates?

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There are many different types of Partner Plate, but essentially, a Partner Plate is a plate that shows the relationship between you and someone you love.

The most common partner plate is the Initial Plate.

This plate takes your initials, and your partner’s initials, combining them into one number plate that represents your relationship!

CL04 AWS Chloe Long for Adam Williams-Smith
RC19 ATC Richard and Amanda Tracy Cameron, married 2019

These are generally affordable, and you can swap the number for whatever figure is most significant to you. Significant numbers can be: marriage year, house number, lucky numbers, birthdays, birth years, or any relevant number you can think of!

Another popular version of the partner plate is the Name plate.

These plates are perfectly personalised and often very recognisable as private plates.

BR12 ANA A 21st Birthday gift for Briana
RO67 ERS A gift for James Rodgers

A third category in this (incomplete) list of great ideas for Partner plates are Hobby plates. They are personal, creative, and let your partner show-off their interests to the world!

MU51 CBF A gift for a BF who likes Music!
GO51 LFA Good plate for a golfer

These are just a few of the ways to make a partner plate special, but you can get creative with it and look for even more personalised plates.

If your partner loves a certain kind of food, find a plate for it! If your partner is a huge fan of a particular show, find a plate for it! If there’s an in-joke the two of you share, then…well, you know the rest!

Visit our search at to get started!

A Real-World Example

We ran a competition recently. Whoever had the best reason for wanting a specific plate would get it for free! And our winner was a lovebird who was definitely deserving of the Partner Plate he won.

Jon’s chosen Partner Plate was SD04JFD - representing the relationship between Sue and Jon Davies.

This has got my wife's and my initials, it reminds me of scratching SD 4 JFD on a school desk with a heart around it.

This sweet story of young love just gets sweeter. Jon and Sue met in Comprehensive school, dated in their 20s, and have been married for nearly 30 years! In fact, this plate was used to celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary. A beautiful and ever-lasting way to celebrate a beautiful and ever-lasting love!

Private Number Plate Shortlists

Buying a private plate for someone else can feel like a bit of a commitment, and we understand if you are having difficulty choosing a registration. After all, we have literally millions of options available!

This is why we’ve got the Favourite’s Heart, to make the selection process a bit smoother for you. This is the little heart in the bottom left corner of your screen, which you can use to collect and view the plates you like most. Just clicking on a plate on our website will automatically add it to favourites for your convenience, or you can click on the white hearts next to a plate to add them manually! You can tell it’s added when the heart turns red.

However the real benefit of this is that you can use it to share collections of the plates you’ve loved. When looking for a gift, this can help you make your difficult decision.

Gift Options

We have several gift options available on our website, to help make the gift-giving process as smooth as possible. The best place to learn about these is on the individual pages of registrations. Just click on a registration you are interested in, scroll down a bit, and you’ll see everything you need.

Check below for a quick summary of some of our options:

  1. Gift Presentation Certificate - We can send a beautiful gift presentation certificate with a ribbon. You can give this instead of a physical plate if you only wish to gift the right to the registration, or if you are waiting for the plate to arrive.
  2. Digital Gift Presentation Certificate - Our digital gift presentation certificate is free, and available at a moment’s notice. Print off at home or send via email.
  3. High-quality Plates - All of our physical plates are road legal and durable. Plus, we have some customisation options available, allowing you to add one of a selection of flags, or 4D lettering!

Ready to start searching?

You can visit our Valentine’s Guide page in our Gift Hub to learn how to find a great Valentine’s plate!

Our dedicated Search Team are experts at finding Partner Plates, and will be happy to help - just call 01792 477316 and speak to our friendly staff today!

Thanks for reading. Let us know on Facebook if you found this article helpful, and we hope that you and your partner enjoy your plates!