VRM Swansea Launches Plates4Business hub featuring the Ultimate Number Plate Guide for Business

At Plates4Less, we've been working with businesses since 1997. As a result, we've become experts in helping companies find the right private number plates and now, we're passing that expertise on to you!
16/11/2023 News
The background is a wall of number plates, the foreground shows a business owner with her vehicle.

Whether you’re a business owner who wants to upgrade their company vehicle, or a decision maker looking for a new marketing solution, we can help. We can even de-age your company fleet, saving you a fortune! Private plates for business have many uses.

We’d love to introduce you to our new 4Business Hub. It’s designed specifically to help people in business.

Why do businesses choose private number plates?

Our marketing manager, Antony Clark, is an expert on why businesses choose to buy private number plates with us. He’s broken down the different reasons below:

Improve vehicle branding and recognition

“Marketeers are always seeking out new opportunities. A number plate can be seen as space. A well-chosen plate can be funny distinctive and memorable.”

The background is a wall of number plates, the foreground shows a business owner with her vehicle.

Generate online content

“When a brand is establishing an online presence, it can be difficult to think of new and engaging content. An attention-grabbing plate can handle that, we see ‘Toilet’ humour on number plates for plumbers and ‘fetching’ plates for dog walkers.”

Fleet vehicle management

“Easy to remember number plates can provide a great way to differentiate between identical vehicles.”

No maintenance investment opportunity for portfolios

“Compared to other investment opportunities, well-chosen plates are low-cost / low-effort and can be fairly liquid assets if chosen wisely.”

Disguise the age of a vehicle

“We sell some low priced plates specifically for this purpose, called Cover Plates. These are usually great value and can be in sequence. Any private plate, even ones that are very personalised, can hide your vehicles age.”

An infographic detailing how to find plates on our site.

What can Plates4Less do for you?

Our new 4Business Hub is the most recent step we are taking to continue our effort to provide exceptional customer service. The 4Business Hub breaks down the plate-buying experience into short and digestible guides, with each guide helping you through a different part of the process.

For example, the main page of our 4Business Hub demonstrates the ways private plates for business may help your business, and displays a sequence of relevant reviews from people we have helped. You can also access all of our business guides from this main page.

The Hub will give you access to a Search Guide, which walks you through finding your very own company plate. We put this together because we know customers can occasionally struggle to find the plate that is right for their business in our large catalogue of over 67 million plates.

To make this guide, our search experts carefully considered the process our clients go through when choosing a registration mark, Antony explained. “What we usually find is that business owners are looking for cover plates, or company or industry related private plates for their vehicles. Generally, they’ll start with broad ideas, which can then be focused into more specific ones.”

Our guide will make this easier, providing both inspiration and instruction.

You’ll find additional tips in our Customer Focus (case study) area where we show the investment potential of different types of plates. This also provides an example of the registration selection our dedicated Search Team can build for you!

The FAQ area gives easy-to-understand answers to common questions that business purchasers ask us, like:

  • Will I get an invoice for the registration number?
  • Can I claim back VAT on a Private Registration if it is bought through my business?
    In certain circumstances, yes.
  • Are number plates a good investment?
    Yes, when chosen wisely!

But you can find even more detailed answers, and more, on the actual FAQ page!

For direct contact with a dedicated advisor, use our Contact Form. This section of our Business Hub will give you dedicated access to a member of our Business to Business Team.

If any (or all) of the above sound useful to you, then check out our new 4Business Hub now and as always, all feedback is welcome!