Can I sell my number plate?

There will probably be no interest in your physical number plates, but if you own a personalised registration mark OR have an interesting registration mark that came on a vehicle then it is very likely that you'll be able to sell it, should you be able to find a buyer.
27/10/2022 Blog
Can I sell my number plate

The two questions you need to be able to answer positively are:

  • Is it yours to sell?

    You must be the owner OR be acting on behalf of the owner with their full authority to sell the registration mark.

  • Is the registration mark transferable?

    Our handy guide will help you decide whether or not you can transfer your registration mark to someone else.

My registration mark is on a certificate

  1. Certificates are usually valid for up to 10 years so make sure that yours is in date. The expiry date can be found towards the top of the certificate, just below the registration number.

  2. You must be listed as the grantee or purchaser or be acting with their complete consent.

  3. Your certificate must be valid and there are 2 types:

    • If your registration is on a pink V750, you can check its validity using the DVLAs website:
    • If your registration is on a green V778, there is currently no online tool you can use to check its validity; however, we can check it for you. Please email us on and we’ll let you know how we can help
V778 certificate

My registration mark is on a vehicle

Your Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5 logbook) does not have an expiry date but it must be valid in order

for you to be able to sell the registration number. You can check the validity of your V5 using the DVLA Vehicle Enquiry Service. This checks that you hold the latest copy of the document

You will need to enter your registration number to view your vehicle details then scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘view tax rates for this vehicle’. Here, you will need to enter the V5 document reference number. The location of the document reference number on the V5 can be seen below:

V5 document reference number

If you are able to successfully navigate to the next page, then your V5 is valid. If not, this means that your V5 is invalid and a newer version has since been issued by the DVLA. You must also ensure that you are using the full two-page document and not just the V5/2 New Keeper Slip.

Reasons You May Not Be Able To Sell

  1. Invalid certificates - if your certificate has expired or is invalid then you will not be able to list the registration mark for sale.
  2. Non-transferable registration marks - certain vehicles have registration marks that are deemed to be ‘non-transferable’. You can check if your registration mark is non-transferable by checking the special notes section on the front page of your V5.
  3. Agricultural vehicles - only MOT testable vehicles can take part in the scheme, e.g. no tractors, other agricultural vehicles or road repairing machines, such as steam rollers. Q-plated kit cars can’t take part either unless you have evidence of their age.

How do I sell the registration mark?

With thousands of happy sellers every year, we at Plates4Less offer an unparalleled service.

Watch our short video about how to sell your registration mark with us.

We offer a completely free selling service which enables you to advertise your registration mark on our website without charge. As soon as we receive interest in your mark, we will contact you without delay.

Your registration mark will be advertised until it is sold or we receive alternative instructions from you. It will also be advertised by our reputable associated agencies operating in the UK and Northern Ireland to ensure it has maximum exposure to potential buyers, at no cost to you.

You will not have to pay us any commission unless you let us down after we agreed a sale with you. Our fees will be paid entirely by your buyer. We believe that these fees are reasonable considering the amount of work involved and the guarantees that we offer.

To advertise your registration mark on our website, all you need to do is complete a simple form online.

Can Plates4Less give me a valuation?

We are happy to provide free number plate valuations for anyone who is considering listing their registration marks for sale with us. By asking us to provide you with a free valuation we will not automatically assume that you wish to list your plate for sale like other agents.

As market experts we compile our valuation guidance by carefully monitoring what people are searching for, what is selling, what is not, and what else a buyer may choose as an alternative plate.

Complete our online form for a free valuation.