You Can Now Change the Address on your Logbook Online

The DVLA has now launched a new online service for changing the address details on your V5 Registration Document (also known as a logbook). This should significantly reduce the time it takes, meaning you could receive your updated logbook in just 5 days.
23/06/2020 News
plates4less V5 documents front and back

The DVLA currently receives over a million paper applications for a change of address each year, so it’s little wonder they were keen to change this process. While motorists were already able to change the address on their driving licence online, they can now also change their vehicle records, too.

You can change your details online in just minutes, using only your registration number, logbook reference number, and postcode. The service is currently available from 7am to 7pm.

DVLA press release announcing the online service to change address on the V5C logbook.