Drivers head over heels for 69 plates

Warning This article contains naughty number plates!
22/08/2019 News
Drivers head over heels for 69 number plates

As of the 1st of September, new vehicles will be leaving the dealership with a 69 on the number plate, and it has people a little excited. James Fossdyke’s article, for example, notes that one in three Brits like a cheeky registration, and dealerships are making the most of this with witty incentives, albeit only briefly; this dealship had to remove their punny sign.

69 plates

For all its cheekiness, the 69 is merely the registration’s age-identifier, representing the year 2019. While new plates released at the start of the year carried the number 19 as the age identifier, those coming out in September get 50 added to that number, hence 69.

It’s got a lot of people worked up enough to want new plates. However, as an age-identifier, the 69 means that the plates can only be used on vehicles that are brand new as of September 2019.

But don’t despair! There has always been a high demand for rude number plates, and there are plenty of other combinations that have escaped the DVLA’s notice, available now and suitable for older vehicles…

Although if you do want a 69 plate, why not one of these?

The DVLA have banned many rude number plates in order to avoid offense, including the following: