Plates4Less Launches Guide to Make Gifting Private Plates Easy!

The Hub is home to a series of guides that will walk you through the gift-shopping process, to ensure you have a fun and easy gifting experience.
11/12/2023 News
Plates4Less Launches Guide to Make Gifting Private Plates Easy!

Introducing the new Plates4Gifts Hub!

In this article, we’ll explain what you can find in the Plates4Gifts Hub, and how you may find it helpful. First, though, we’ll let you in on some of the benefits of private plates as presents, explaining why we think they make such perfect gifts.

If you are already familiar with Private Plates, you can click here to go straight to our new gift guide!

Why do Private Number Plates Make Great Gifts?

This is a great question, because there are so many answers! Probably more than you might think.

First, let’s get the obvious ones out of the way. Private plates make highly-personalised (and incredibly thoughtful) presents. Finding the right plate for your giftee shows that you’ve been thinking of them and is a lovely way to demonstrate how well you know them. Plus, you literally can’t get a gift that’s more unique, since every registration is entirely one of a kind!

Private registration plates are also surprising gifts. Why buy yet another pair of socks, when you could knock their socks off instead!?

Also, in case you weren’t aware, your giftee will be able to get the registration transferred each time they change their vehicle. If you’re concerned about consumable or disposable gifts, then rest assured that your car registration plates can last a lifetime so over time, it’s probably low on carbon footprint too!

Interestingly, personalised number plates can also be a good investment, when chosen wisely. Great plates with wide appeal (like name plates) tend to either hold or increase in value, making certain plates fantastic gifts for the savvy investors in your life.

Obviously we’re pretty big number plate fans ourselves, and could go on and on about the benefits, but we’re excited to get onto talking about the gift guide. So, we’ll just give you one more reason. Private plates can be really practical gifts for people with older vehicles because the new plates can help disguise the vehicle’s age. You can get some really good cheap private plates that will help with this issue.

For all of the above reasons, personalised plates are very popular as gifts! About 40% of our customers buy plates as gifts, and we’ve been supplying the UK with plates since 1997. People have celebrated many different occasions by buying private plates for someone else. We get a lot of Trustpilot reviews from happy gift-givers, and we’re always thrilled to read them. The example below was particularly nice to receive! It’s great to know we’ve been a small part of making a special day even better…

A screenshot of a 5 star trustpilot review.

We are proud to be very highly rated on Trustpilot. For more reviews, you can visit our Trustpilot, or instead check out the widget on the main page of our gift hub for gift-specific reviews.

How Can the Plates4Gifts Hub Help You?

The Plates4Gifts Hub has been carefully designed with our customers in mind. We’ve considered the kinds of questions we usually receive about gifting. We’ve also included insights from our number plate experts. So, you can expect guides that are full of useful tips.

For example, one of our guides is “How To Find a Number Plate for Someone Else.” You’ll get advice for finding the perfect personalised number plate gift. This includes an example of a selection of plates that we might recommend to a customer based on their name and interests. You can find more on this guide later in the article, along with a sneak peak of some of our tips!

The guide also contains an FAQ section for gift givers to get all the answers to their burning questions. We’ve tried to be as thorough as possible here, but our team can answer any further relevant questions if you think of any. Here are some quick examples of the Qs and As you can find in the gift guide:

Can I buy a registration now and give it later?

Yes! You can secure your personalised registration mark in advance, and we would definitely recommend doing this to avoid disappointment. We can supply high-quality road-legal number plates, as well as a Gift Certificate which can be given on the Special Date.

Can I specify a date for the transfer?

Yes! After securing the registration mark please let us know the preferred special date and we will try to accommodate this.

The most important rule to be aware of is that you cannot assign a registration mark to a vehicle which makes it appear younger.

If you know the age of your giftee’s car, you can filter out any newer plates from your results. As detailed above, all registration marks are available for later transfer, so you may wish to purchase a closer match for later use on a newer vehicle in the future. Lots of people buy them as gifts for their young children and hand them over when they pass their driving tests many years later!

You should also be aware of number plate spacing rules. We only display legally spaced registrations on our website, but please be careful as other sites may not (and thus they encourage you to break the law to boot).

As well as the above sections, you’ll find a Christmas-specific gift guide to give festive guidance. We’ve also included a guide for giftees, who may have questions after they have received a plate.

An In-depth Look at The “How To Find a Number Plate for Someone Else” Guide

In this guide, we cover a variety of search techniques that people use to find great gifts. For example, both names and initials are very popular searches among our customers. We can also highly recommend looking for plates to do with hobbies or activities that your giftee enjoys, as this is a wonderful way to show you’ve been thinking of them.

You can use these tips in our Private Number Plate Search Tool here.

Our Smart Search tool: a yellow bar which can be found on our homepage.

Need some more help? A jumping off point like a name or a hobby is great, but many of our clients like to ensure that the whole plate means something by combining ideas. We have included many tips on this in the guide. You may, for example, choose to include a birthdate or other significant number in the plate. Or, there are a few sequences that are popular, like LUV, CU73, BO55, FA57, H20, HOT, XOX, K9, M155, K155, MUM, DAD etc.

As we offer the most comprehensive range of search tools in the industry, we have also included some tips in the guide on how to get the most out of them. For example, our Favourites Heart tool is extremely useful for a variety of purposes but particularly for gift giving.

With the favourite heart tool, you can easily put together a selection of number plate ideas and send them to any email address. So, if you’d like to confirm your selection with family and friends of the giftee, this can be easily achieved. Or, if you’re not too worried about surprises you can send the selection to the giftee and let them pick their favourite from your ideas, so that you know ahead of time they will like their gift.

If you are really lost, you could even link your giftee to our site, and get them to put together a selection of favourites for you to choose from! You can get them to add a price filter in the smart search tool when searching. It’s useful to add filters like this when searching, because we have so many private plates for sale!

This is one of the things we love about our favourite heart tool. The versatility of this tool means it’s useful for a variety of situations. Even if you aren’t looking for a gift, you can use the tool to collect plates you are thinking of getting yourself.

(Gifts for yourself are important too!)

Additionally, we want to let you know about our search filters. You can filter to show the price including or excluding the DVLA fee plus all taxes and you can also filter out any registration marks that are too new for the target vehicle.

A screenshot of our search tool filters.

This has been a sneak peak into the kind of advice offered in our “How To Find a Number Plate for Someone Else.” The Plates4Gifts Hub is full of tips like the above, which could help you find the right plate.

Ready to Get Searching?

We hope you found this article helpful. You can always get in touch over on our Facebook page if you have any comments or questions about our articles.

If any of the above guides sound useful to you, you can visit our Gift Hub to learn everything you need to know about number plate gifting.

Check out the infographic below for some quick tips, then head over to our smart search tool to see the many private number plates for sale. If you’d rather have some help, our search team would be happy to put together some plate ideas for you, making it easier for you to buy number plates that suit you and your vehicle. You can get in touch through our enquiry form here! Or, you can call our sales team here: 01792 477316.

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