We have a Christmas Winner!

You may have noticed that we recently ran a Christmas competition, giving away a private registration mark! We asked those entering the competition to pick the perfect plate and let us know why it was so suited to them.
16/01/2020 Blog
Christmas Winner image

John knew that a personalised registration made perfect sense for his new car - even though it’s a 2013 model, his Nissan Leaf is in immaculate condition, so a ‘cover plate’ that hides the age of the car was a great choice.

Christmas comp winner comment

As he stated in his competition entry, John wanted a car that would help him with his goal of reducing his carbon footprint. Electric cars are becoming more commonplace now as people look for ways to reduce their own impact on the environment, and a plate that highlights the conscious choice he’d made seemed ideal as it serves two purposes; not only does it highlight the eco- friendliness of his car by making it clear it’s a LEAF, but it also looks great!

Cover Plates and their Benefits

So what are the benefits of a cover plate? Selecting a plate that hides the age of the vehicle is a common request from our customers. Some of them want to hide the fact they’re driving an older car as it’s well cared for and something they’ll be wanting to drive for the foreseeable future. By selecting a personalised registration, nobody will know the age of your car, which for many people is a big factor when choosing their replacement plate.

One of our most commonly requested types of registration number is one that spells out the person’s name or displays their initials, but this doesn’t appeal to everyone. As you can see with John’s great choice, it’s entirely possible to find something totally different but equally as distinctive.

A Quick and Efficient Transfer

After giving John the great news that he’d won, we took care of transferring the registration onto his car and even provided a free set of new number plates, all in time for Christmas!

We caught up with John once everything was completed to ask him about his experience with Plates 4 Less. Here’s what he had to say:

So quick and efficient. My plates arrived within a couple of days and it was all so easy as Plates4Less did everything - I only had to change my insurance details. Highly recommended.

He also kindly sent us some photos of his new plate on the car, which we think looks fantastic.

First Come, First Served

Even though John was delighted with his registration, some of you may have noticed from the photographs John had a ‘LEAF’ registration but it was slightly different to the one he mentioned in his competition entry.

John’s initial choice L55 EAF had already been purchased by somebody else by the time the competition had ended, despite not having run for very long. It just goes to show you have to move fast if you see a registration you like!

Personalised registrations are in high demand and are always sold on a first-come-first-serve basis (as there is only one of each). Despite this original disappointment, our Sales Team were able to locate an alternative registration mark that still fulfilled John’s requirements, L24 EAF. Here’s what John had to say about his alternative:

I’m delighted with my new plates - thank you so much. It was all completed really quickly and it just adds the finishing touch to my 24kw Nissan Leaf.

If you see a registration that you love on our website, don’t leave it until it’s too late - let us know! We’ll be happy to check it’s available and guide you step by step through your order.

Need Help with your Own Ideas?

If you’ve decided that you’d love a personalised registration mark but can’t think of any ideas, we can help. As you can see from John’s choice of registration number; it was something suited to the car and not to him specifically. In his case, he wanted something that reflected the fact he’d made a conscious effort to be more environmentally friendly and it looks great on the car!

Here at Plates 4 Less we get a lot of queries every day from people searching for ideas. The reasons people choose a personalised registration are as varied as the registrations themselves, you’d be surprised at the things we get asked for! Sometimes people want a plate that spells their name, others want one that shows support for their favourite football team. Others, as was the case with John, have an immaculate car that’s a few years old and would just like a plate to disguise the age of the vehicle.

Many thanks to John and everybody who took part in the competition, we had a great time reading everybody’s entries, and we’ll be running more competitions in the future, so be sure to “like” and “follow” our page on Facebook.