Winning with Plates4less

We like competitions at plates4less, be it our annual Christmas draw or simply to celebrate those who choose to name their vehicles, and over the years we've given away a fair few personalised registration marks.
17/06/2022 Blog
Winning with plates4less

Emergency Plates

Take Matt, for example. He won the most recent Christmas competition we like to run each year, scoring a new personalised registration and matching plates. He chose M999 CDA as his prize, and we think you’ll agree it looks fantastic on his vehicle!

Cars being cloned

The MC and DA of the registration combines his and his partner’s initials, while the 999 represents the fact that they both work in the emergency services. We were delighted to be able to provide the registration and plates for someone working in such a demanding and often thankless profession.

Plates of Ham

As with the Christmas competition, we had a great selection of entries for a more recent competition we ran to coincide with our ‘Have you named your car?’ article. With entries ranging from Suzie the Suzuki to the aptly named Baby (it never goes anywhere without a rattle!), the prize went to Camilla Bemand who took the car’s own P119 registration as inspiration to name the vehicle PIG! So while one little piggy went to market, this little piggy went vroom!

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