Making a splash!

We had such a great response to our Christmas competition that we decided to announce two winners, rounding off 2020 with something positive!
26/01/2021 Blog
Chrismas competition winner banner

One of those winners was Andy Hodgson, from Scotland.

Andy had some help from his son Luke when it came to deciding on a combination of letters and numbers and together they chose the perfect plate, admitting that even if they hadn’t won they would have bought it because it suited them so well.

That plate was


Andy and Luke love spending time together on the water, which explains the H20 part of the plate, while the HOJ represents an abbreviation of their surname.

Andy lives close to Loch Lomond so he and Luke have managed to get out into the water quite a bit during lockdown – Kayaking is a great way to get outside while practicing safe social distancing! Luke especially is in the water all the time with people joking he’s so rarely on land that he must be half fish!

Perhaps when Andy said “Fantastic!” in response to the news they’d won, what he actually meant to say was fin-tastic.

Congratulations, Andy! We hope you and Luke enjoy the new registration.

winner and plate

Luke proudly presents one of the winning plates.

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