Legal Private Plates Spotter - Summer 2020

Not so long ago, we created a game to test your knowledge of private plates, challenging you to spot the illegal ones amongst those allowed on the roads. It proved to be very popular, with more than 15,000 people taking part!
22/05/2020 Blog
Legal Private Plates Spotter

As it was so popular – and because many of us are still experiencing lockdown! – we’ve decided to do it again.

To test your ability to spot the legal plates amongst the illegal ones, simply click the link below

But before you test your skills, there are a few things to bear in mind when it comes to telling the difference between good and bad private plates.

First of all, the plate should use the correct Charles Wright font type and character size, and this cannot be stylised, which means italics are a no-no.

It is also illegal to alter the presentation of a registration mark on a private plate. This includes the spacing between the characters, and groups of characters, as well as the deliberate adapting of a number to represent a letter or vice versa.

The results of our first game proved to be very interesting. While around 20% of those taking part were able to score an impressive 23 out of 25, only around 2% were able to identify every single plate correctly. We were then able to use that data to identify the types of private plates most easily recognised as illegal. What we also found particularly interesting was the response the game met on Facebook, with over 200 comments discussing the pros and cons of adapted private plates. (More on these findings)

So, if you’d like to test your private-plate spotting ability, click here for the latest game. The private plates used in this game are all genuine examples, each of them having been spotted on UK roads.

And good luck!

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