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Sell Cherished Registration Guide

If you no longer wish to own the rights to your cherished registration mark then you can list it for sale through our website using our free seller's service. All you will need to do is decide on your price and follow the online instructions to complete our online registration process. As stated, this is a free service. In return, all that we ask is that you renew your advertisement every 3 months if you wish to keep it active on our website and remove it from our adverts if you wish to take it off sale.

Most of our sellers have a good idea of the price they wish to sell their cherished number plate for. This will often be based on what you paid for it and how long you have owned it, as cherished numberplates often increase in value as the years go by.

The key to selling your cherished registration in a reasonable time is to be realistic with the price and not to over-value it. Simply take a look at similar registrations on our website to get an idea of current market values.

When a potential buyer is interested in purchasing your cherished registration they will contact us and in turn we will contact you to arrange the sale.