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The costs involved

Selling your cherished registration with us is completely FREE! Unlike many other firms, we will not charge you (the seller) to list and sell your cherished registration, provided you act in an honest and timely manner throughout the sales process.

We believe it is important to both buyers and sellers that the prices advertised on our website offer good value for money. Consequently, the service charges that we add for payment by buyers are amongst the lowest in our industry. These charges provide both sellers and buyers with our marketing expertise and the assurance of a safe and successful transfer of the registration and monies involved.

We offer the fullest possible range of payment options from cheques, bank transfers, debit and credit cards, to individual finance packages. We have something to suit every buyer, helping them purchase your cherished number plate.

Advertised price

When the buyer clicks to view your cherished numberplate they will be presented with a price breakdown, including the Department for Transport transfer fee and any VAT. When you register an account you can experiment with your required price and see what the final advertised price will be, before submitting your cherished registration for sale.

Department for Transport transfer fee

This fee is the standard DVLA charge for changing the details of the vehicle(s) involved in the transfer and producing replacement documents. The fee will vary depending on the status of the cherished registration mark and the purchaser’s requirements.

Base price

This is made up of your selling price (the amount you require upon sale of your registration) and our service charges. Our service charges are paid by the buyer and ensure we are paid for advertising and marketing, our expert sales negotiations and our administrative work. Our fees provide a secure, speedy transfer with an expert handling your paperwork at our office here in Swansea. Your documents and information will only be seen by VRM Swansea and Government personnel.