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Listing your registration for sale

In order to list your cherished registration for sale with us you will first need to ensure you have the authority to sell it.

If your registration mark is on a vehicle

In order to comply with the regulations of the government Cherished Registration Mark Transfer Scheme, all vehicles must be taxed (or tax exempt), have a current MOT (if of the required age) and be easily identifiable from their chassis numbers.

You must be the Keeper of the vehicle or be acting with the complete consent of the Keeper in order to use this service.

Check your Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C or V5NI) does not say ‘Non-transferable registration mark’. If it does, then unfortunately your vehicle registration mark cannot be sold or transferred.

If your cherished registration is held on a government certificate

The certificate must be currently valid, i.e. within its expiry date and you must be recorded as the Grantee or the Purchaser, or be acting with the complete consent of the Grantee or Purchaser, in order to use this service.

Once you have checked that you have the authority to sell the cherished registration you can then list it for sale. To do this you will need to register your details and create an account with us by completing a simple online form. By creating an account you can easily renew and amend your adverts at any time. Simply click here to register your details and create an account

Once you have registered your details you can then list your cherished number plate for sale at your chosen price. When a buyer shows serious interest we will contact you.

You can advertise and sell with us in the complete confidence that it won’t cost you any more than the price of a few letters and getting a new set of replacement number plates (if you need to) once the sale is completed.

Please note: Cherished numberplates can take weeks, months and sometimes even years of advertising, (if their appeal is very specialised) before a buyer comes along to purchase them. This is because they are personal and being personal, don’t suit every buyer in the market at any given time.