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25 years of Legendary Service - For Less!
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Sell a Cherished Registration

The selling process

Upon a sale being agreed (with yourself accepting the proposed amount for your cherished registration), the following steps take place:

  • 1. Confirmation of intent to sell & re-cap of Terms & Conditions

    Once a buyer has expressed a firm interest in making a purchase, we will contact you to recap of our terms and conditions to ensure that you still agree that you are happy to sell the registration mark.

  • 2. Payment Initiated

    Once you have confirmed that the registration is available and you are happy to sell, we will contact the buyer to take a deferred payment (a deferred payment in this instance means that the money is reserved for payment but held in the buyer’s account) which will secure the registration.

  • 3. Proof of ownership

    Once the buyers payment has been secured we will contact you to request proof of ownership of your registration which we require within 7 days of the date of the agreed sale. This can be sent via email or post, and must be a valid, most recent copy, of one of the following government documents:

    • V5C Vehicle Registration Certificate (or V5NI)
    • V778 Certificate of Retention
    • V750 Certificate of Entitlement
  • 4. Payment request mailed out with contract for your safe-keeping

    Once the proof of ownership has been received, a contract confirming the the details of the agreement is sent to you along with a set of instructions for your signature.

  • 5. Transfer documents received by us

    When your requested registration mark entitlement documents are received, they are checked by an expert transfer agent and held securely until the buyer’s documents are received and similarly scrutinised for suitability, in the transfer process.

  • 6. Transfer completed at Swansea DVLA office

    Depending on the application type, an expert transfer agent will either complete the transfer using a digital system or will liaise with Swansea DVLA headquarters in person to complete the transfer.

  • 7. Payment made

    Payment is sent to you by cheque on the same day that notification of transfer completion is received from the DVLA.