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25 years of Legendary Service - For Less!
VRM Swansea. DVLA RNPS:3166
Sell a Cherished Registration

Terms and conditions of selling through us

In order to use the VRM Swansea/Plates4less sellers’ service, I agree and understand that:-

  1. I am over 18 years of age and I am the owner, or I am acting with full knowledge and consent of the owner(s), of the rights to the vehicle registration mark(s) added by me to my sellers account.
  2. VRM Swansea/Plates4less reserves the right not to publish my items, or to withdraw them from sale at any time.
  3. I will be advised of all reasonable offers to purchase my mark(s) and that once I have accepted such an offer I will be compelled by law to complete the contracted sale by supplying the necessary signed documents, in a timely fashion.
  4. It is my duty to inform VRM Swansea/Plates4less in a timely fashion of any changes to the availability and price of the mark(s) I am advertising.
  5. It is my duty to inform VRM Swansea/Plates4less in a timely fashion of any changes to my contact details or address.
  6. It is my duty to inform VRM Swansea/Plates4less if the registration mark(s) is the property of a VAT registered person or business so that the correct taxation may be applied before any offer for sale is accepted. If such notification is received after the sale deal is struck but before I receive my funds then I understand that the subsequent VAT liability will be taken from the balance due to me, before the monies are transferred. If I completely fail to advise VRM Swansea/Plates4less of the correct liability then I will make good the VAT payment due to HM Revenue and Customs on their behalf, in a timely fashion, thereby preserving their margins and exonerating them of any error.
  7. VRM Swansea/Plates4less will contact me from time to time to ensure my details are accurate and up to date. If I fail to reply to such emails or phone calls then the offer of free advertising will be withdrawn without further notice.
  8. VRM Swansea/Plates4less will not entertain any claims for loss, especially those due to the failure of any buyer to perform their side of the contract, those caused by failure of any electrical or telecommunications equipment, or as a result of the government refusing my registration mark transfer/assignment for any reason.
  9. I will promptly make good any claim for losses suffered by VRM Swansea/Plates4less should I change my mind or fail to supply the required documentation after accepting a contractual offer and agreeing to sell my registration mark(s) through them. (Please see our administration fees detailed below.)
  10. This is a completely free seller’s service provided that I keep my side of the agreement and comply with the conditions mentioned above and within the VRM Swansea/Plates4less website.
  11. Upon confirmation from VRM Swansea/Plates4Less that a sale has been achieved at my agreed price, I will supply proof of entitlement within 7 days and valid original documentation for the transfer within 3 weeks (unless otherwise agreed).
  12. It is my responsibility to carry out the instructions of the vehicle licensing authority (DVLA) and if required, to arrange for new number plates to be manufactured and displayed on my vehicle in compliance with the law.
  13. It is my responsibility to advise my vehicle insurers of any change to my vehicle registration mark once the sale and transfer is completed.
  14. I will normally be paid by way of Company cheque once VRM Swansea/Plates4Less has been advised by the DVLA that the transfer or assignment to the new owner has been successfully completed.
  15. If VRM Swansea/Plates4Less suspect that I am being uncooperative or untruthful in any way, then the Company reserves the right to remove any marks which I have for sale and to advise its trusted business associates of their experiences with me.

Administration fees

Please note: If we find you a buyer and you agree to sell your cherished registration but then subsequently change your mind, or fail to supply us the required transfer documents within the agreed time scale, you will be required to pay an administration fee.

Seller's asking price Seller’s Administration fee for sale cancellation (inc vat)
£0 - £500 £120.00
£501 - £1,000 £210.00
£1,001 + £300.00