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Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? Here's what you need to know.

Pricing your number plate is a very personal matter as ultimately the price you set is the price that you are happy to receive. If you are unsure of a value for your registration, you could search for similar registrations on our website and see how much they are going for.

•We will never sell your registration number for less that it's really worth and we will warn you if we think your price is too low

•We will also let you know if we feel your selling price is too high and unlikely to achieve a sale from our experience

When looking at similar registrations, you may wish to price yours slightly less than similar registrations to help give you the edge to sell your registration quicker. Alternatively, if you are not in a hurry, you may wish to price yours higher and reduce the price over time, to generate more interest. It is also worth noting that buyers often wish to make offers on private plates, so you may like to leave room for negotiations in your pricing.

Yes, you can sell your vehicle with your private number plate still assigned to it, but you will lose all future rights to the registration mark.

There are no additional paperwork exercises to complete if you wish to do this and it is a particularly good idea if the plate is vehicle related and and it helps you to get a sale.

If you wish to keep the rights to the registration mark, then you must remove it from the vehicle and get a new V5 before transferring the vehicle ownership to the buyer. You can do this by retaining or transferring the registration mark with DVLA.

No, unfortunately you cannot sell your private number plate back to the DVLA. The DVLA will only sell new number plates and cherished registrations that have never been issued to a vehicle.

Some private plates can sell quicker than others. The two most important factors in selling any personal plates within a reasonable time are its price and its desirability. Choose a realistic price, do not over-value it, and assess the changing conditions in the registration marketplace (and the wider UK economy) and respond accordingly. Your number plate will be constantly advertised and marketed by us for free until it is sold... we will contact you as soon as any reasonable offer is made.

Yes, you can also choose to list your number plate privately and then ask us to get involved once you have found a buyer. This gives you the confidence of having a professional team of experts working for you at the crucial time in the sales process. We will agree a fee for our sales administration service from your sales proceeds with you.

For Data Protection purposes we are registered with and regulated by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO no. Z9704649) and authorised by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority FRN : 734204) to offer consumer finance. We are also DVLA registered number plate suppliers (supplier no: 3166).

Unlike many other firms, we will not charge you (the seller) to list and sell your registration mark through us, provided you act in an honest and timely manner throughout the sales process. We believe it is important to both buyers and sellers that the prices advertised on our website offer good value for money. We do have to apply a service fee, which will be paid by the buyer, to cover our administrative work and our sales negotiation expertise. Our fee is amongst the lowest in our industry.

Service Fee - this provides the assurance of a secure sale, a successful and speedy transfer of the registration mark, completion of all paperwork, and secure handling of all monies involved, by experienced personnel at our offices here in Swansea, to give you and the buyer, absolute peace of mind.

Department for Transport (DFT) transfer fee - This is the DVLA charge for changing the details of the vehicle(s) involved in the transfer and updating their documents. It is presently £80. If your registration mark is on a certificate in your name and the buyer wishes to keep it on a new certificate, in their own name, then they will need to pay two DFT fees and we will shield your details from the buyer during the changeover.

We will advertise and sell your private plate for free on our website by displaying the following price structure and price breakdown to prospective buyers:

Base price - The Base Price is made up of your selling price (the amount you require upon sale of your registration) and our sales administration service charge.

Advertised price - When the buyer clicks to view your registration mark, they will be presented with a price breakdown, including the Department for Transport transfer fee and any VAT.

We are the only registration agent who allows clients to preview their advertisement (and therefore asking price) prior to publication. This means that you can fine tune your asking price to ensure that it is competitive.