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9.9 out of 10
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Find a Private Number Plate Guide

Smart Search Guide

Helpful tips

  • If you need guidance you can access the Number Plates Guides for relevant help by clicking this icon
  • To find out which private numberplates are suitable for your age of vehicle, use our handy transfer age checking tool

About the Smart Search

Our unique system generates all the private number plate searches possible, based on your input, and then checks our database of over 50 million plates for suitable matches.

The Smart Search system does all the work so you don't have to! If you don't find anything you really like, simply complete a short enquiry form and one of our expert personnel will do the searching for you.

How to use the Smart Search

To start simply type in what you are looking for, whether it’s a name, a keyword, a special number sequence, initials, anything. Our Smart Search will do the work for you, generating results tailored to your preferences.

If you would like to search a little deeper for something more specific, simply click on the Advanced Options tab which will allow you to filter the search results by plate style, plate status, budget etc. This is a great option if you have something specific in mind you would like to purchase.

Helpful tip

  • If you're searching for a specific word let the Smart Search system work out the number/letter swaps for you; PETER, for example, will get you better results than P3T3R.