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Benefits of selling through us

Selling your cherished registration mark through us couldn’t be easier as we take care of all the sales negotiation and transfer work for you. You won’t have to deal directly with time wasters or disclose your personal details and documents to complete strangers.

Our promises to you are that:

  • We will endeavour to secure a sale as soon as possible
  • Your cherished number plate will be advertised for free until it’s sold, provided you keep renewing your advert (you are requested to do so every 3 months, or else it will expire)
  • We will contact you as soon as any reasonable offer is made
  • We will conduct the entire transfer for you when your buyer is found
  • You will receive your funds as soon as the transfer is complete
  • You will pay no sales commission to us

You can also choose to list your cherished registration mark privately and then request that we get involved once a buyer has been found. This gives you the confidence of having a qualified, government-regulated team of experts working for you. Our Assured Transfer Service fees will be the same as those displayed if you had chosen to advertise with us and will be payable from the proceeds of your sale.

Please note: We do not recommend that you go it alone and complete the sale & transfer privately, because the way in which the government transfer scheme works, leaves room for either the seller or the buyer of a cherished registration mark to become the victim of fraud, unless a reputable intermediary is involved.

Where we advertise

We advertise throughout the whole of Britain and Northern Ireland, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, attracting in excess of 15,000 cherished numberplate buyers to our popular website (and even more to our expert telephone advisors) each week. We use the most effective search engines and specially formulated marketing campaigns to place us on the first pages of the most popular web search results.

Prospective buyers will easily find your cherished number plate online, as we use the most advanced industry-leading search technology available. Our website is optimised and regularly updated for use on all internet browsing devices, including smart phones. You found us and your buyer will too!

With your permission, we will also pass details of your cherished registration (but not your identity or contact details) to our carefully selected trade associates, so that you receive full ‘blanket’ coverage of the whole UK cherished number plate industry. All enquiries will come right back to us so that you have one certain point of contact for your sale. This is essential for you when negotiations begin, as we will instantly be able to tell you how many buyers are involved and negotiate the best sale price on your behalf. We will make all the approaches to the other agents for you and you will see your registration on every reputable website. Once your registration is sold we will make sure all the other agents are updated and asked to remove your registration mark from their sales listings.

We will conduct all contract negotiations for you, with expertise designed to ensure your safety and security throughout the process.