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Make it a winning Summer with our Private Plates Giveaway!

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What to do

  • Like and Follow our Facebook page to be eligible.
  • Use the search below or visit and choose a registration up to the value of £300*.
  • Tell us your perfect plate in the Facebook post comments section and explain why it’s so perfect.
  • Don’t forget to like the competition post!

*Entrant may choose a registration up to the value of £300 including DVLA fees and VAT (or more, if willing to pay the balance).

Most of the registrations available on our site are under £300!

Entrants must be UK residents and aged 16 years or over to enter.

To see the full Terms & Conditions of entry, click here.

Past Winners!

Past Winner H20HOJ
Andy Hodgson - H20 HOJ

Andy got his son Luke to help him come up with their perfect private plates. They went with H20 HOJ, representing their love of water activities like kayaking, and an abbreviated version of their surname! It's clear to see why Andy won - this plate makes perfect sense for him.

Past Winner BU21DOG
Lorna Hadley - BU21 DOG

Lorna is part of the Edward Foundation, a registered charity that rescues bulldogs from difficult situations around the world. Working for such a compassionate cause definitely makes Lorna a worthy winner - especially since her plate was so perfect! In this case, that plate was BU21 DOG. We hope her two bulldogs, Wilf and Bert, appreciate it!

Past Winner L24EAF
John - L24 EAF

John took inspiration from his car model to choose his private plates, which is a popular practice. He got to show off his Nissan Leaf with the private plate L24EAF. A stylish private plate for a stylish car.

Past Winner M999CDA
Matt - M999 CDA

Matt is one of our most recent winners, with the plate M999 CDA. You might not know what that means yet, but this is a plate with an important meaning for Mark. MC and DA are the initials of Mark and his partner. As for the 999? Well, they both work in the emergency services!

Why not use the above winners for inspiration? Find a plate with your initials, or that represents your career. Or find a plate that shows off a hobby you share with your family! Wherever you get your inspiration from - good luck!

Need help?

Follow this link to our helpful ‘Find a Private Number Plate’ guide:

Follow the link below for tips and ideas for finding that perfect plate:

Customer Focus: Ideas for Sarah J Gibson

S414 RAH Sarah
J12 SJG January 12th + Initials
SA12 AHG Sarah Gibson
M155 SJG Miss Sarah J Gibson
PG04 SJG Partner Plates
SJG 86 Initials + year of birth
SG04 PRG Partner Plates
D064 SJG Dog Lover
0005 SJG Sarah J Gibson
K155 SJG Kiss SJG

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