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You’ve Received a Private Plate as a Gift

Getting a personal number plate as a gift is so exciting! You probably want to put those plates right onto your car, but there’s just some quick things to check first!

Don’t worry - the process is super simple. Ask your gift-giver for a copy of the confirmation letter which came with the postal confirmation and then check out the instructions in the relevant section(s) If at any point you are stuck about what to do next or whether the transfer has been completed or not, the purchaser can call our after-sales team for help at 01792 477316.

Getting the Plates Made

We provide high-quality, road-legal plates as an added extra, but an ID from the person who placed the order is needed to dispatch these. Your gift giver may have already purchased plates from us or another supplier for you. If this is the case, move on to the other sections to read about transfers.

However, if the gift-giver opted to give you just the registration without physical plates, you’ll need to acquire a pair of road legal plates first. These can be acquired before or after the transfer. Always be sure to source them from a DVLA registered number plate supplier, like us. The purchaser can add plates onto the order at any time.

As mentioned, in order to buy plates you will need an ID that proves both name and address. You will also need evidence that you have a right to the registration number, such as a V750 certificate of entitlement.

You can contact us to place an order OR use this tool on the government website to find your local registered number plate supplier.