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Christmas Gift Guide

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With Plates4Less, you can get your loved one something truly unique to unwrap on Christmas Day.

It always feels great to be prepared for Christmas, and this guide is here to help prepare you! There are only a few extra details to know if you plan on buying a plate as a Christmas gift, so read on to learn all about personalised number plates gifts.

Private Plates as a Christmas Gift

Private number plates make wonderful Christmas gifts! They are highly-personalised, and truly thoughtful. Rather than a consumable gift that’s gone in an instant, invest in a private plate for your loved ones, and know that you’ve gotten a gift that can last a lifetime.

There are also plenty of benefits to choosing Plates4Less as your registration agent. We’re the UK’s highest rated private number plate supplier and a quick scroll through our Trustpilot reviews will show you why.

Gift Options

We provide a free digital gift certificate that you can print off at home, and for a little extra, we will send you a professional-quality presentation certificate with a silk ribbon.

During the checkout process online, you’ll see a number of options. You’ll be able to add physical number plates to your order (great for gift-wrapping) and decide if you want us to do the transfer for you.

Order as soon as you can to avoid disappointment! Whether you decide to go for the physical certificate, the digital certificate, the plates, or all of the above, we’ll be happy to supply you with something wonderful that you can present as a gift on Christmas Day - even if you have left it until the last minute!

Additional Information

Once the festive season arrives, we like to make sure our website is properly decorated. You might have noticed our seasonal banners! A big part of this process is getting our Christmas Buying Guide ready for you.

You should find this guide on the transfer options page for the plate you are considering. This helpful window is there to make sure you are as informed as possible about the details of your festive gift.

This is also where you’ll find important transfer close-out dates! We’ll give you an idea of timescales that you may need to keep in mind when buying your gift. Past a certain point, we may no longer be able to offer a transfer in time for Christmas, which is why we do suggest ordering as soon as you are sure you’ve found the right plate..

Remember that information may vary depending on which options you select, so always ensure you are looking at the right details for your selection.

Ready to pick your plate? You can read our gift inspiration guide How To Find a Number Plate for a Gift for some help. Or, go straight to our Smart Search Tool to start searching.

Good luck, and Merry Christmas!