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Buying as a gift

We offer a number of services designed to help you surprise that special person.

Quick tips about placing your order

  • Complete the checkout form with the details of who is paying for the registration mark.
  • The registration can be assigned to a vehicle in any keeper’s name that you choose.
  • We are discreet in our correspondence - there is no branding on our envelopes, although number plates are a recognisable shape so you may want these delivered elsewhere! (see below)

Important note to help you decide when to submit the transfer application

Once the assignment is completed by DVLA, the new documents will be sent directly to the keeper of the vehicle. If the keeper is the intended surprise recipient of this special gift, then we advise delaying the transfer assignment until after their special day. You can still place your order in advance, to secure the registration mark and avoid disappointment.

We offer physical sets of premium quality number plates and also gift certificates, which can be given as gifts on the special day without the risk of spoiling the surprise. These can usually be delivered to a separate address.

The specific services we can offer vary depending on whether you are buying a previously unissued personalised number plate or a pre-owned personalised number plate. Our website will tell you which it is on the Purchase Options page.