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Gift FAQ’S

Can I buy a registration now and give it later?

Yes! You can secure your personalised registration mark in advance, and we would recommend doing this to avoid disappointment. We only supply high-quality road legal plates with free fitting kits, as well as Gift Certificates which can be given on the Special Date.

I’m not sure which plate to buy, how can I make a decision?

We recommend seeking help from friends and family members who know the gift recipient well! With our favourite tool (the heart in the bottom left) you can put together a selection of plates and send them to other people. This is an easy way to get help picking the right plate.

If you’re really unsure, and don’t mind it not being a surprise, you can also use this tool to get help from the giftee. In our experience, the giftee can be just as happy with a list of options to choose from as it shows that you have put in effort in your search.

What if the recipient doesn’t like the gift?

We recommend putting a lot of thought into whether the recipient will like the gift before you purchase it, as a refund is not always possible. You can use our Favourites tool to share plate ideas with any friends/family of the giftee before you buy, to help you make the right decision.

If you don’t mind spoiling the surprise a little bit, it could be a good idea to just send a few ideas for the giftee to choose from before you make a purchase. You’ll still demonstrate how thoughtful you’ve been by selecting a few plates, and you’ll be able to get confirmation that you’ve found the right plate!

What if the recipient doesn’t have a vehicle?

No problem. Most personalised registration marks can be issued on to a holding certificate which are valid for 10 years, so there is no rush to complete the transfer. Once a registration mark has been assigned to a vehicle there are no extra fees and it can be kept indefinitely. This means you can buy a personalised registration mark as a gift for passing a driving test, even if they haven’t bought their vehicle yet.

Can I specify a date for the transfer?

Yes! After securing the registration mark please let us know the preferred special date and we will try to accommodate this.

How do I make sure the recipient doesn’t find out?

We can be very discreet, all our mail is sent in plain envelopes. There is no mention of number plates on our packaging but do remember, if you do opt for a pair of number plates then they are a very distinctive shape and size, so best to get them delivered somewhere where the lucky person won’t see them!

Our return address will be printed on the back of the envelope; VRM SWANSEA, PO Box 465, Swansea, SA1 8YN.

If you pay by debit or credit card we do have to send your confirmation to the cardholder address. If this is an issue, please pay by Bank Transfer and we can send your confirmation to any UK address.

Is there anything extra the recipient needs to pay to assign the registration mark to a vehicle?

Once you have placed your order, so long as you have also ordered a set of number plates, the recipient won’t normally need to pay anything*. If you would like to see total prices from the outset, you can toggle their display on our results page so that our prices include the DVLA transfer fee, which means you can focus on finding a personalised registration mark without worrying about any additional costs.

*Some insurers charge an administration fee to update a vehicle policy with your new registration mark.

Is it ok to delay the transfer?

Of course! Most registration marks are valid for 10 years so there is no rush to complete the transfer. Please check on the page for your chosen registration mark for more information.

Can I Buy a Number Plate as a Christmas gift?

Yes! Private plates make great Christmas gifts! When the festive season is around the corner we share a Christmas-specific gift guide on our website, so you can check there for more details on Christmas gift giving. If you select our Premium Done-For-You service we time the transfer as close to Christmas Day as possible.

I Can’t Choose a Plate - Can I Buy a Voucher?

No, in our experience vouchers can cause issues, and are also much less exciting gifts. If you can’t decide on a plate and are worried the giftee may not like it, we would suggest checking with them before you make your purchase. They could also use our favourites feature, and create a shortlist of plates they like, or they could choose a plate from a shortlist you have created! If you’d rather keep it a surprise, consider asking their friends or family instead. There are plenty of options to ensure your giftee ends up with a plate they can cherish.

Is there anything special I can give on the day?

Once we have processed your order we will send you a digital certificate, free of charge, which you can print off at home to present to your giftee.

We can also offer a beautifully presented gift certificate, certifying the registration mark has been secured for the recipient. It is sent via Special Delivery* on the same day if ordered by 2pm (Mon-Fri)- meaning that it would be guaranteed to arrive the following day by 1pm, except Saturdays & Sundays. *Must be signed for.

Your giftee will also need a set of number plates, it’s easier and quicker to order them with us. You can be assured that as DVLA registered plate suppliers we only supply the best quality road legal plates. We are so confident with the quality of our plates they come with a three year manufacturer’s warranty

The most important rule to be aware of is that you cannot assign a registration mark to a vehicle which makes it appear younger.

If you know the age of your giftee’s car, you can filter out any newer plates from your results. As detailed above, all registration marks are available for later transfer, so you may wish to purchase a closer match for later use on a newer vehicle in the future.

You should also be aware of number plate spacing rules. We only display legally spaced registrations on our website, but please be careful as other sites may not.