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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a private number plate through my business?

Yes you can buy a private number plate through your business. Although whether you can claim back VAT and whether its tax deductible will depend on your reason for buying it.

Can I claim back VAT on a Private Registration if it is bought through my business?

Yes and no. If you are looking to get one for the business with business initials or to advertise the business then yes you should be able to claim back the tax. Speak with your accountant for more information.

Will I get an invoice for the registration number?

Yes you will, in your letter from us you will receive a Vat invoice/receipt. Business related number plates can also be a company asset that’s a legitimate tax deductible expense. Just remember that the plates should closely align with your official branding, so if you use your own initials as part of your trading name (as many company owners do) then your business can buy your number plates for you too. Always check with your accountant before purchasing though, as it can be easy to overstep the line between business and personal use.

Why should I get a private plate for my business?

Private number plates are a great way to advertise your business as well as disguise the age of your vehicle. Whether you have a single vehicle or a fleet, vehicle branding via a private number plate is the perfect way to advertise your business without having printed banners, wraps or lettering all over your car, although there is no harm in having both. Not only do they look professional but you can match all your vehicles with similar and sequential number plates displaying a united front for your business. Tip: Choosing sequential numbers carefully e.g. 10, 20, 30, 40 etc can also give the appearance of a larger fleet than you actually have and increase client confidence.

Are number plates a good investment?

Number plates can prove to be a wise investment. They tend to hold or increase in value over time and depending on the type of private registration you go for. They can hide the age of the vehicle which saves you the expense of purchasing a newer vehicle.

You can also keep your registration on a retention certificate, making it a low maintenance investment.

If you are deciding between a few options, we can give you advice on which registrations are likely to be better investments.

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