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Customer Focus - Private Plates for Parker Kenny Logistics

Private Plates for Fleet Coaches

If you aren't sure what plate to pick, we'll help. Sue from Parker Kenny Logistics got in touch with us via our Business Solutions form. They were interested in finding out the cheapest way to de-age their fleet but also asked for our input on long term investments and were open to our ideas.

Here are the private plates we’ve come up with:

Sequence Plates Example: PKZ 1344, PKZ 1345, PKZ 1346, PKZ 1347, and PKZ 1348!

You can get in touch for help finding the right sequence for your fleet, or look for sequences in our low-price cover plates here.

Coverplates in sequence

PKZ 1344

PKZ 1345

PKZ 1346

PKZ 1347

PKZ 1348

Plate cost

Investment potential

Initial Plates Example: B23 PKL, C23 PKL, L23 PKL, R23 PKL, T23 PKL!

Find your own Prefix number plates here

Prefix Initial Plates






Plate cost

Investment potential

Dateless Plates Example: PK 513, 393 PKL, PK 404, PK 22 and LOG 999!

We have the most comprehensive Dateless Number Plate Search Tools in the industry including our index of dateless number plates organised by plate structure

Dateless Plates

PK 513

393 PKL

PK 404

PKL 22

LOG 999

Plate cost

Investment potential

Director Plates Example: B055 PKL, JOE 22, 49 SK, 47 JEP and E2 SUE!

Name plates are very popular as investments which are fairly liquid. Enter your search here

Director Plates


JOE 22


49 SK

47 JEP

Plate cost

Investment potential

Investment Plates Example: 00 224, SAM 22, F3 BMW, 99 DJC, and JS 22!

Here are some of the hottest investments on the market today- get in touch for more advice

Investment Plates

OO 224

SAM 22


99 DJC

JS 22

Plate cost

Investment potential

Need help? Contact Plates4Less Business Solutions Team, and one of our friendly Search Experts will be happy to help you make the whole plate meaningful.