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Search Guide - Private Plates for Business

Looking to get a plate for your business, but not sure where to start? We’ve put together a thorough guide, using our expertise to show you the various ways to find a personalised vehicle registration through Plates4Less. Our website offers the most comprehensive search tools in the industry.

Read below to learn more about why people choose number plates for business and the search tools associated with each reason.

1. Disguise the Age of your Vehicle/ Fleet

Most number plates have age identifiers, which will disclose the age of your vehicle to your customers. You can hide this with a low-cost “cover plate” from our cheap number plates page. These can be dateless, and are often available in a sequence for use on fleets. Nobody needs to know if your company vehicle is getting older - and this is a great low cost alternative to updating your well-serviced fleet.

Browse Cover Plates here: Cheap Private Number Plates

2. Invest in Style

A private number plate can be an effective investment for your business. When bought wisely, they tend to either hold or increase in value and are ‘no-maintenance’ assets. Additionally, you can use the private plate whilst you wait for a buyer, and if you find an investment that aligns with your brand, you may even find that this is a useful tax-deductible marketing solution for your company vehicle branding.

Please see some quick links to results with great investment potential, scored by search frequency:

Searches Search Frequency (demand indicator)
Cover Plates 80
SAM 75
1 64
DAN 63
OOO 60
TOM 52
BMW 52
Cheapest Dateless 50
BEN 49
AMY 41
JAY 40
ASH 39
2x2 Dateless
Letters first
Number first
Dateless 1s 28

3. Word Search to match your brand, product or business type

If you have a particular plate or word in mind, our Smart Search System will work out how to transform it into a search. Just type in the name or word you’d like the plate to resemble and we’ll do the rest. Searching for Baker, for example, will get you better results than searching for B4K3R (which isn’t a legal registration).

Some Great Ideas

LO12 RYS Haulage Firm
DEL 5 Delivery
P19 UMB Plumbers
D24 UST Cleaning Company
CA11 USS Call Centres
AU70 CAR Automotive company
F6 OOD Food vans
G42 DEN Gardeners
MR54 LES Salesmen
TEA 84G Tea and coffee vans
PAI2 TER Painters/decorators
PO71 WER Electricians
RAT 605S Exterminators
TAX 1E Taxis
G002 GYM Personal Trainers
50 FA Furniture

Begin your search here: Search Private Plates

4. Advanced Search for more personalised results

Once you’ve decided on the main subject of your plate (for example, your company initials) you will likely find that you have some spare characters. This is a further opportunity to make the plate more personalised to you or your business.

When you have more specific ideas for what to include on your number plate, you can use our advanced options where you’ll be able to refine your search.

Some business/ occupation ideas as plate fillers are H20, AMP, 747, BU55, BO55, LTD, 999, CPU, B16, XXL ….

Top Business Search Ideas

Begin your search here: Search Private Plates

Need help? Contact Plates4Less Business Solutions Team, and one of our friendly Search Experts will be happy to help you make the whole plate meaningful. We've put together this Customer Focus, which should give you a good idea of the kind of help we can provide. You can also read our expert search tips here for more advice.