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T666 STT

T666 STT

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Most number plate dealers display the “base price” on search pages and, when you proceed to checkout, the VAT and government fees are added on which can come as a shock.

We like to give our customers the option of viewing all fees at the point of searching for a registration mark.

The total price is determined by which transfer options you choose and as such, we cannot give you a total figure until you decide on these options.

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One of the most important rules regarding personalised registrations is that you cannot make a vehicle look newer than it is. The reason for this is to stop fraudsters mis-selling vehicles to unsuspecting buyers, and in turn promotes the sale of new vehicles when the new age identifiers are released. Because of this it is vital that when you are looking at purchasing a personalised registration you check the age of your vehicle.

The Vehicle Age Filter will grey-out number plates which are too new for the vehicle age you choose. You can still buy them and keep them on certificates for later use.

You can find the age of your vehicle by looking on the V5C log book, or if you know the number plate then you can look online here.

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You will see a heart icon next to your search results. If you click this, it will turn red and the registration mark will be added to your favourites. When you have selected your favourite options, you can view them all in your Favourites area by clicking the red heart icon on the bottom left of the screen:


In your Favourites area, you can easily compare multiple registration marks, view them on a wide range of popular vehicles, and share them on social media or by email for later reference.

Plate status explained


You can view more information about the registration mark and the purchase options by clicking the 'View & Buy' button. Here you will find your transfer options, information about the extras you can purchase, and information about our finance options. You can also view the registration mark on a wide range of popular vehicles.


If the registration mark is pre-owned, you can click the 'View & Check' button. To check current price and availability or to request a call back, you can complete the enquiry form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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