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Valentine’s Gift Guide

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A Private Plate for Valentine’s Day?

We are the industry experts when it comes to selling number plates as gifts. Around 40% of our clients buy for someone else and as such we offer tailored options like a FREE instant digital certificate and don’t worry - we know how to keep a secret!

Private plates are distinctive luxury items, which are unique, long lasting, help disguise the age of a vehicle and if chosen wisely, can make great investments!

They make particularly good Valentine’s day gifts, because they can be customised to be representative of any person or relationship.

How do I find a Number Plate for a Loved One?

Our most comprehensive gift search guide can be found right here, with a full list of the kinds of plates you may wish to buy for a loved one. We thoroughly recommend checking it out.

And, you can always just start looking yourself using our smart search below - typing in your partner’s initials or name is a good place to start!

Top Tips From Our Expert Search Team

Using our Smart Search (below). You can enter a word, name or initials. Get creative, and try to think of what your partner would like. You can filter out any results that are too new for your vehicle(s). You can also use the toggle to show prices that are inclusive of government fees.

Narrow down your search to make the results more personalised and make the whole number plate matter.

Search Inspiration

We have recently upgraded our search to automatically include the best “plate fillers” in our results. Look out for the search boxes labelled “Popular Choices” for plate fillers such as K155, XXX, XOX, LUV, HUG, CU73, LOV, MRS, MR

Partner Plates MR04 MRS

We have noticed an increase in sales of Partner Plates. A good example of this is our Summer competition winner, who chose the plate SD04 JFD. This plate displays the initials of the couple, with an 04 between, representing how our winner used to carve their initials into school desks. Partner Plates can also be inspired by hobbies or surnames.

Step Three - Choosing the right plate

Once you’ve found some plates you like, you can share them through the Favourites Heart area. This is great for checking with a friend/family member whether they think the plate is a good fit, or even for asking the recipient!

Even if it reveals the surprise, sharing a list of plates that you’ve worked hard to find is a lovely way to show that you care and it ensures that you are on the right track!

Step Four - Our Gift-Giving Options

We always offer high-quality, road-legal replacement number plates which can be wrapped, or attached to the vehicle as a surprise. 4D and flag options available.

For last-minute Valentine’s shoppers, we offer high-quality Gift Presentation Certificate to arrive the next day in a presentation pack. And if you’ve left it really last minute, we supply a free digital Gift Presentation Certificate!


Use the Plates4Less Smart Search and get started, or use the one below!

Good luck, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Customer Focus: Ideas for Sarah J Gibson

S414 RAH Sarah
J12 SJG January 12th + Initials
SA12 AHG Sarah Gibson
M155 SJG Miss Sarah J Gibson
PG04 SJG Partner Plates
SJG 86 Initials + year of birth
SG04 PRG Partner Plates
D064 SJG Dog Lover
0005 SJG Sarah J Gibson
K155 SJG Kiss SJG

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