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List of UK Vehicle Number plates related documents

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Tip We have taken the time to detail commonly used forms and booklets that you may need to use as a vehicle or private number plate owner.
Please use the following links table to reach the document you are looking for.

Information Documents
INF 46 INF130
Vehicle related
Forms/ Certificates
V55/4 or V55/5 MOT V10
V5C V5C (2)  
V11 V890
V62 V149  
Private registrations Forms/ Certificates
V317 V750 V765
V778 V948  

Information Documents

INF 46 Registration Numbers and You

This small booklet is produced by the DVLA to provide the public with a greater understanding of the UK personalised registration system.

registration Numbers and You

INF130 Vehicle Registrations after 1 January 2003

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Vehicle Registrations 1 jan 2003

This booklet gives information about the new regulations relating to getting number plates produced and the DVLA RNPS (register of number plate suppliers).

V796 (NI)

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A DVLNI information leaflet detailing the legal requirements relating to the display of number plates including character heights etc

More information about the legal displaying of number plates

V796 Northern Ireland Registration Certificate

Vehicle related Forms/ certificates

Registering Your Vehicle Using V55/4 or V55/5

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Registering Your Vehicle Using V55/4 or V55/5

V55/4 and V55/5 forms are used to register vehicles in the UK, ensuring that all keeper information provided at the time of registration is genuine and correct, thus preventing the fraudulent registration of vehicles.

Documentation to confirm the registered keeper’s name and address are required. Name and address checks are made on all applications.


MOT Test Certificate

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The purpose of the MOT Test is to ensure that cars, other light vehicles, private buses and motorcycles are checked once a year to see that they comply with key legal requirements of road safety and roadworthiness.
Vehicles registered in the mainland UK should receive their first MOT when they reach 3 years of age. Northern Irish vehicles do not require MOT's until they reach 4 years of age.

Areas to note:

1. The registration mark
2. The Vin/ Chassis number
3. The valid from date
4. The expiry date
5. The MOT tester

Please see for more official information.

MOT form

V5 C Vehicle Registration Certificate (previously referred to as the Log Book)

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V5C Registration Certificate

The purpose of a V5 C UK Vehicle Registration Certificate is to register a keeper to an identifiable vehicle, the registered keeper of a vehicle does not have to be the person who owns the vehicle, but the person nominated for the responsibility of that vehicle i.e. The person liable for taxing it or the person who would be contacted by the police or other agencies regarding motoring or parking offences.

Areas to Note:

S1. Registered keeper: This section details the Name and address of the person/ entity who is liable for the vehicle. The first line of the registered keeper?s details is required as the ?nominee?s? details when a personalised registration mark is assigned.

S2. Previous keeper of the vehicle

S3. Special notes: This area contains important information. You will not be able to transfer the registration mark off the vehicle if the following statement is printed in this area ?non-transferable registration mark?. You may still, assign a registration mark to the vehicle.

S4.Vehicle details: A. The current Registration mark A.1 The validation Character, (you will be asked for this when assigning a new registration mark to your vehicle.) E. The VIN number (AKA Chassis number).

S6.Registered Keeper: Fill in this section to change any details held about the keeper, including changing any wrong information, changing address or ownership.

S8. This area must be signed by the registered keeper (and the new keeper if applicable) when notifying the DVLA of any changes.

S9. This area must be filled in when the vehicle is transferred or sold to the motor trade, an insurance company or a dismantler.

S.10 V5C (2) Registration Certificate

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This area is also known as the ?new keepers supplement?. You should tear off and retain this section whenever any other section of the document is sent into the DVLA for alteration. In the event of changing the registered keeper of the vehicle, the new keeper should be given this section as their proof until their new V5 arrives.

Please note: If you are submitting your documents to transfer a registration mark, it is essential that this section is also sent in with the rest of the V5.

V5C (2) Registration Certificate

V10 Application for Road Tax

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V10 Registration Certificate

This form is used when applying for road tax.
You will also need to present the following documents when applying for road tax:

  • Your V5C (registration document AKA log book)

  • A valid certificate of motor insurance

  • Your MOT certificate

The fee necessary to purchase road tax depends on the vehicle, you can find out the rate by looking at form V149. Rates of Vehicle Excise Duty.

V11 Road Tax Reminder

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This is a reminder form which is sent to the registered keeper of a vehicle before the present road tax is due to expire. The form allows the keeper to either purchase new tax or declare that the vehicle is off road (thus avoiding tax). The V11 can only be used at the post office and should not be mailed direct to DVLA.

V11 Registration Certificate

V890 Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) Application

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V890 Registration Certificate

If registered keepers of vehicles that are unused on public roads wish to avoid paying vehicle excise duty (road tax), they must fill out a V890 form.

V62 Application for a new V5 Registration Certificate

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V62 Registration Certificate

The V62 is an application form for a new V5C registration document (log book). The V62 is used in cases where the original has been lost, damaged or not received. The V62 form can be used in conjunction with the V5C/2 (new keepers supplement) to apply for a registration transfer or assignment when the new V5C hasn?t yet been produced. Unless you have never received a V5C, using a V62 form to obtain a new V5C will cost £19.00

V149 Rates of Vehicle Excise Duty

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This document details the price list for taxing UK vehicles for either 6 month or 12 month periods.

V149 Registration Certificate

Private registrations related Forms/ certificates

V317 Form: Application to transfer a registration mark

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This form, accompanied with the correct documents for each vehicle along with a cheque for 80 will allow your registration mark to be transferred from one vehicle to another.
You will need to send your transfer to the DVLA.

There are limitations:

1. Only MOT testable vehicles can undertake in the scheme, i.e. not tractors or agricultural vehicles.

2. You cannot transfer are registration mark to a vehicle which makes it appear younger than its date of first registration. I.e. If a vehicle is first registered in October 1994, the latest issued registration mark it can bear is a prefix M registration.

3. Some vehicles have registration marks which are "NON-TRANSFERABLE". If this is the case, it will be printed in section 3 of the V5C. Although you cannot transfer the registrations off these vehicles, you can put new ones on.

Click here to view the procedure for transferring a registration mark

V317 Registration Certificate

V317NI Northern Ireland Transfer Application Form

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V317 Northern Ireland Registration Certificate

This form is very similar to the V317 form (above) and has the same application. However, There are some differences;

As Northern Irish registration marks have no age identifier, they can be transferred freely between vehicles of any age.

Northern Irish vehicles only require MOT certificate(s) if there has been more than 4 years since first registration.

Click here to view the procedure for transferring a NI registration mark.

V750 Certificate of Entitlement

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This certificate is used to retain the rights to a registration mark which has never been assigned to a vehicle. The certificates expire every twelve months, but the entitlement period can be extended upon payment of a government fee (currently £25).

Please note that registrations held on GB V750 certificates cannot be assigned directly to vehicles registered in Northern Ireland. The registration mark will need to be assigned to a UK vehicle first.

Areas to note:

1. Address of original purchaser.
2. Registration Number.
3. Expiry date.
4. Nominee name: the registration can only be assigned to a vehicle registered in this name.
5. Add/ Change nominee: the purchaser of the registration can apply to add or change the name of the Nominee.
6. Extension of entitlement period: the purchaser of the registration can apply for 12 month extension to the Certificate.
7. The registration of the vehicle that the registration is to be transferred to.
8. The 'Validation Character' can be found next to the registration number on the vehicles log book (V5C).
9. The Expiry Date of the vehicle's road tax.
10. Purchaser's signature to authorise assignment.

To assign the registration mark to a vehicle, You will need to either take or send your application to your local DVLA office. Click here to view the procedure for assigning a personalised registration mark.

V750 Registration Certificate

V765 Application to Register a Vehicle Under its Original Number

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This is a scheme with the intention of reuniting historical vehicles with their original registration marks. Many older vehicles were not recorded on the DVLA register when centralised registration was introduced in 1974. However if you are the owner of such a vehicle and know what the original registration was, it may be possible to have it reassigned. These applications are firstly considered by a vehicle enthusiasts club (a list of these clubs are available on a V765/1 form).

To apply a V765 and a V55/5 form need to be completed and a recent photograph of a pre 1983 tax disc or MOT linking it to the original mark is required.

V765 Registration Certificate

V778 Retention Certificate

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The V778 retention certificate is a means for holding the rights to a registration mark. The registration mark will have been assigned to a UK mainland vehicle at some point and has been 'transferred' off that vehicle to be 'stored' for a period of 12 months. This period can be extended by the 'Grantee' upon application and payment of a fee (currently 25.00 per annum).

Please note that registrations held on GB V778 certificates cannot be assigned directly to vehicles registered in Northern Ireland. The registration mark will need to be assigned to a UK vehicle first

Areas to note:

1. Address of Grantee (the details of the keeper whose vehicle the registration used to be displayed on).
2. Expiry date; the registration can only be assigned to a vehicle registered in this name.
3. Add/ Change nominee; The grantee of the registration can apply to add or change the name of the Nominee.
4. Extension of entitlement period; the grantee of the registration can apply for 12 month extension to the Certificate.
5. The registration of the vehicle that the registration mark is to be transferred to.
6. The 'Validation Character' can be found next to the registration number on the vehicles log book (V5).
7. The Expiry Date of the vehicle's road tax.
8. Grantee's signature to authorise assignment.

To assign the registration mark to a vehicle, You will need to either take or send your application to your local DVLA office.

Click here to view the procedure for assigning a personalised registration mark.


V778 Registration Certificate

V948 Registration Certificate

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V948 Registration Certificate

This document is an authorisation certificate that proves entitlement to a specific registration mark. This certificate therefore entitles the holder to purchase number plates in the registration mark. Suppliers of the number plates will require you to provide both this and photo identification before the plates can be produced.

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Important Private Number plates and DVLA Information

DVLA is the government agency responsible for all regulatory matters related to the issue and display of private number plates and car registrations in the UK. The DVLA acronym means Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and its head quarters are here in Swansea from where it controls all UK private registration plates. It was formerly called the DVLC standing for Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre but this title was changed in 1990 and so is now obsolete. In Northern Ireland the government agency responsible for controlling and issuing Northern Ireland format (commonly known as Irish) registrations was the DVA, this is an acronym meaning the Driver Vehicle Agency.
DVLA is a registered trade mark of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency. We liaise with the agency on a daily basis but VRM Swansea Plates4less is in no way affiliated to the DVLA or DVLA Personalised Registrations.
All personalised number plates and personal registration marks mentioned in this site are British i.e. issued and controlled by the DVLA Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency here in Swansea. They are only for display on vehicles registered in the UK and Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland format registrations are commonly known as 'Irish' registrations prior to the separation of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Any reference to 'Irish' registrations on this page relate to registration marks now known as 'Northern Ireland format' registrations.

Personal Number plates : Follow the law
As responsible personalised number plates agents we feel it is important that our visitors and customers understand the law regarding the supply and display of cherished number plates as they are valuable assets and should be protected. It was once possible to buy cheap number plates from any private car numberplates maker without any evidence of your entitlement to the car registration numbers. These days you need to provide the private registration plates manufacturer with a V948 number plate authorisation certificate which is issued by the DVLA only after your keeper’s entitlement has been checked. Your numberplates are an important identifying feature of your vehicle and can be cloned to provide a false identity to any vehicle for those engaged in vehicle related crime. There are now many stories that tell of speeding fines collected in areas of the UK where car owners have never visited, due to the display of duplicate number plates  by criminals.

The law on the display of vehicle registration numbers is now very strict and personal number plates owners may not use decorative or fancy fonts. Letters and numbers must be of the correct size, style and spacing with private registration plates also conforming to strict British Standards in their materials and manufacture. To break the law on the manufacture and display means you risk having your entitlement to your cherished registration plates permanently withdrawn and face a substantial fine of up to £1000. Incorrectly displayed private plates or personalised reg marks will be enough to make your vehicle fail its MOT test.

 VRM Swansea Plates4less is a DVLA registered number plate supplier (supplier no: 3166) and a recognised reseller of DVLA Personalised registrations. In recognition of this fact we only supply fully road legal number plates. DVLA, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, DVA NI Driver and Vehicle Agency Northern Ireland, are registered trademarks

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