2018 Review of Top Private Number Plate Searches

Last year we searched for more plates than a waiter at a Greek wedding and as always, the British public found ever new ways to delight, shock and amuse us. With the Plumbing industry in full flow, it's been a record year for POO plates and it seems we're still a nation of BO55es.

As always, all of us have done our best to deliver the best service we could and really share that love and I'm very happy to see, you, our customers have shared that love straight back, helping us to acheive the best and most, Trustpilot reviews in the industry.

As it's now 2019, with all it's AI robots, drones, flossing and other futuristic stuff, we thought we'd get with the times and do a little data analysis, by which I mean a top 10 list of searches. Without further adieu, here are the results:

1   SAM
2   DAN
3   TOM
4   BOSS
5   BMW
6   BEN
7   LEE
8   AMY
10  ASH

Top 10 search terms

A lot has changed for us over the years, but not our SAM, DAN and TOM's and we still love a BMW, but with Brexit looming and promised bilateral trade deals on the horizon will European car manufacturers still be in our top 10 list next year or could HOLDEN & TESLA be taking their place?

Top searched plate styles

After compiling our complete, top 10 Private Number Plate searches for 2018, we didn't sit back and bask in the glory of our achievement, no, we pushed on, trawlled our databases and styled up another table. Lightning may never strike twice, but at Plates4less, we do! Ever wanted to know what percentage of Current or Prefix style plates we sold in 2018?
Now you know! 🖐️🎤(mic drop).

Styles of Registrations %
Current 44%
Prefix 53%
Suffix 1%
Dateless 1%
Northern-Irish 2%

Give the gift of plate

They say everyone needs someone to love and with about 50% of our plate sales during December being gifts for loved ones, perhaps that's why - You've got to be in it to win it.

Plates from wife to husband, parent to child and marketing executive to celebrity A-lister are a big part of our business and we do everything we can to keep it a suprise. But, if you want to make the occasion really special, try adding one of our gorg gift certificates to your order. With next day delivery, they make the perfect last minute gift.

Help us, help you

Do you think Theresa May does her own number plate transfers? You can bet your boots she doesn't, she probably uses our Done For You transfer service and let's us do all the work for her, saving her time and freeing her up to practice new dance moves and perfect her mighty power stance.

48% of our customers probably have a really good power stance and that's something we're really proud of.

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Author: Billy Flatman (Senior Developer & Marketing Enthusiast).
Any opinions expressed in this article are those of the Author and not Plates4less - VRM Swansea.