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Northern Irish Number Plates

Northern Irish number plates which may be also transferred onto vehicles in England, Wales and Scotland, offer some great value options for hiding the age of your vehicles.

These number plates are issued by DVLA. These registrations have different letter combinations (always including an I or a Z) and numbering sequences (from number 1 all the way up to number 9999) from those used on plates issued to vehicles in the rest of the UK. Because Northern Ireland format (commonly known as Irish number plates) registrations are dateless registrations, they can be assigned to vehicles of any age (unlike current-style, prefix numberplates or suffix plates). They have no year indicator whatsoever and cannot therefore be mistaken for those plates which do. They provide the most cost –effective solution to customers wishing to hide the age of their car, bus, or taxi with cover plates.

Please click this link to search through our Northern Ireland format (commonly known as Irish number plates) number plates stocklists.