Words from our happy customers

"New Vans are so expensive and VinnyVan is perfect for us, so now he is forever young!"

Having a camper van to make memories in can be priceless, but buying some vehicles new (or even only a couple of years old) is out of reach for most families.

Many of our clients have also told us that they would prefer to drive an older vehicle, especially if it is being used for family or day-to-day duties.

A cover plate works well to conceal age and can also add "personality" to your vehicle, which we understand are often are considered as members of the family.

"I love my new plates. Looking professional is a huge part of what makes us stand out as a small business in our local area."

Cover plates are a very effective way to make your vehicles distinctive and memorable, which can be a great promotional tool for businesses.

"My fleet are all still looking as good as new. Changing the plates has saved me thousands!"

If you own a fleet of vehicles, a series of cover plates will help unite them. They’re also good for promoting customer confidence in your service and make for an effective way to ensure your fleet gets noticed.

With plates4less you can purchase your cover plate easily and safely from the comfort of your own home, either online or by telephone.