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Using FAQs

How do I change the Nominee name on my V750 Certificate of Entitlement?

In order for a transfer to be successful, the nominated user on the V750 Certificate of Entitlement must match the registered Keeper on the V5C Registration Certificate. If you need to make any changes to the V750 then you will need to send us your Certificate of Entitlement with the completed ‘Application to change nominee’ slip, which is part of your ‘Using your Certificate of Entitlement’ letter. We must apply to the DVLA to process the application on your behalf, as they will not accept any applications to make changes to the certificate without our authority.

Please note: if we have already signed Section 6 of your V750 Certificate of Entitlement then you can simply complete Section 2 with the appropriate Nominee name and send the certificate directly to the DVLA with your V5C to assign the registration mark.

Can I put a personalised number plate on a leased or Motability vehicle?

We always advise you speak with your leasing or Motability Company prior to purchasing a private registration; it’s important to confirm that there are no restrictions in assigning a personalised registration mark to your vehicle.

Often, leasing and Motability companies are happy to assign private registrations to a vehicle but will request to handle the transfer themselves. Therefore, you should always check to see if they require your details or their own to be printed on the government certificate as the ‘nominated’ user. (In order for the transfer to be successful, the nominated user name should match the registered Keeper.)

If you are looking at purchasing a private registration which is listed as pre-owned on the website, we advise you contact a member of our sales team who will be able to discuss the options available to you for your chosen registration mark. This is because, due to data protection laws, the process can vary for pre-owned registrations.

We also advise you speak with your leasing or Motability company to confirm that the private registration will be retained into your details once it has been removed from the vehicle in the future.

I have received my number plates - when can I put them on my vehicle?

You are unable to display your plates on your vehicle until the transfer of your private registration is complete.

If you have ordered the Do-it-Yourself transfer, it takes an average of 5-10 days to get the V750 Certificate of Entitlement to you. You will then need to apply to the DVLA directly to assign the private registration by sending them the certificate along with the receiving vehicle’s documents and wait for notification that the transfer has been completed. You will know the transfer has been completed when you receive your new V5C Registration Certificate, bearing the new registration mark, in the post. (Time scales will vary depending on the DVLA workload and Royal Mail.)

If you opted for the Done-for-You Transfer, it generally takes up to 2 weeks from the date we receive your vehicle documents for us to complete the transfer (unless you were instructed otherwise). We will send an email confirmation when the transfer is complete, and you can then display your new plates. (You will receive a new V5C Registration Certificate from the DVLA, but our email allows you to put the plates on while waiting for this document to arrive.)

Please note: all time scales represent an average and are for guidance purposes only.

I have received my new V5C Vehicle Registration Certificate (the ‘logbook’) - when will I receive my MOT certificate?

The DVLA do not issue replacement MOT certificates. Your MOT (and road tax records) will be updated electronically as part of the transfer and will remain valid until the current expiry date.

How will my road tax be affected?

Your road tax (and MOT) will be updated electronically as part of the transfer and will remain valid until the current expiry date.

Do I need to inform my insurers that I have a new private registration?

Yes, as they will need to update your records for accuracy. We also advise telling them that in the event of a ‘total loss claim’, whereby the insurance company effectively buys your vehicle from you due to theft or as a ‘write off’, the private registration mark will remain your property. Ask them to acknowledge this request in writing. They do not normally make a charge for issuing a new cover note in these circumstances or for complying with this request.

Can I use my private registration abroad?

Using a private registration mark internationally will depend upon where the vehicle is registered. If you have the vehicle registered to an address in the UK but use the mark abroad, this is perfectly acceptable as the vehicle is still subject to the registration number rules and regulations put in place by the DVLA.

However, if you export the vehicle to an address in another country then the vehicle will be subject to the rules and regulations of the governing body of that country, including the registration number policies of that country. Therefore a British registration will not normally be able to be applied to the vehicle in the longer term. NB: this is also true of the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

What happens to my private registration when I sell my vehicle?

When you change your vehicle, you’ll probably want to keep your private registration. To do this, you will need to apply to the DVLA to retain the registration number. Simply complete a V317 form, which is available to download from the DVLA’s website and from larger post offices and send this with the required fee of £80 payable to DVLA.

You can either apply to transfer the private registration mark directly onto another vehicle or you can apply to put the registration onto a Retention Certificate. Both of these options will require a fee of £80 payable to the DVLA.

You can remove the registration from your vehicle using the DVLA’s online system.

NB: If you do not retain your private registration before selling the vehicle it’s registered to, then the registration will be sold with the vehicle and become the property of the new Keeper.

Can I transfer my private registration mark to another vehicle?

Yes, you can, provided it’s of a suitable age to receive the mark and is taxed and MOT’d. To transfer the private registration mark, simply complete a V317 form, which is available to download from the DVLA’s website and from larger post offices. The completed form must be sent with both V5C Registration Certificates for the vehicles involved, along with the required fee of £80, payable to DVLA.

I used to own a registration mark - can I get it back?

It depends on the circumstances regarding the loss of the registration mark:

If your vehicle was stolen and not recovered, you may be able to get your private registration back via the DVLA, but only if the vehicle was taxed, held a valid MOT test and you reported the theft to the police. The DVLA will need to hold a record of the theft for 12 months, but for no longer than 3 years. You can contact the DVLA directly on 0300 790 6802 for more information. You cannot get your private registration back if you sold the vehicle to your insurance company as a ‘write off’, unless you stipulated that the sale did not include the registration mark. You may already have acknowledgement of this (see the advice in ‘Do I need to inform my insurers that I have a new registration mark?’ above). If the vehicle was scrapped then the private registration is lost, similar to as if you had sold it to your insurance company as a ‘write off’ (see above). If you sold your vehicle privately, with the private registration still assigned to the vehicle, then it’s possible the registration may become available again in the future should the current owner decide to sell it. Only the DVLA hold records on the vehicle and Keeper history and due to the Data Protection Act they are unable to disclose many details, especially details concerning the previous or current Keepers. You can contact DVLA enquiries on 0300 790 6802.

In the examples noted above, with the exception of loss via theft, it’s possible to keep your private registration if you transfer it to another vehicle or certificate first. To do this, simply complete a V317, available to download from the DVLA’s website and from some post offices and send this with the required fee of £80 payable to DVLA. You can do this online using the DVLA’s online system.