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How Much Are Private Number Plates

The cost of private / personalised number plates varies greatly, depending on a number of factors…

Style of registration

There are five different styles of number plate. As well as the current style, you have suffix style, prefix style, dateless style, and Northern Ireland style, each style coming with its own advantages. Prices vary between them.

Registration age and character length

Older plates are usually more expensive than new plates because they can be used across a wider range of vehicles (the DVLA won’t allow vehicles to display registrations that are too new for its age). Similarly, because they are often more visually appealing and memorable, plates featuring only a few characters tend to attract a higher price.

Government fees

To register a private number plate to a vehicle you will have to pay a standard government fee of £80, plus VAT. While some sites will hide this cost until checkout, at Plates4less we provide a toggle button that allows you to include such fees in the cost of each registration right from the start.

Physical plates

Physical number plates will not be added to your order automatically (unless you’ve paid via finance) as not everybody wants to assign their new registration right away. If you do want plates added, simply tick the appropriate box or inform our sales team. A typical price for a pair of vehicle plates is between twenty and thirty pounds, depending on the size required.

Optional extras

If you’re buying the registration for someone else, you can add a beautifully presented gift certificate to your order to mark the occasion. (You can even get next day delivery, should you have left things to the last minute…)


Do be aware that finance options usually come with interest fees added to the total cost, but the finance option does allow you to spread your repayments


Private number plates can make fantastic low maintenance investments, with the value often increasing as time goes by.