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Search results explained

Plate status descriptions explained

As you browse through your search results, you will notice that the private numberplates are listed with different descriptions such as AVAILABLE NOW’ or ‘CHECK IT NOW’. This guide will help you understand the differences between the different types of private number plate.

  • NEW – AVAILABLE NOW: You will be the first person to own the exclusive rights to use these private number plates. You can purchase these over the phone or online, immediately, with a choice of transfer options.
  • PRE-OWNED – AVAILABLE NOW: These private number plates are already in private ownership but are available to buy straight away over the phone or online. Some are held on certificates and some are being used on vehicles, so transfer options will vary.
  • PRE-OWNED – CHECK IT NOW: These private numberplates are already privately owned and we are acting for the seller as their agent. If you enquire into one of these we will contact the seller to confirm availability and other details before proceeding.
  • NEW RELEASE – HOW TO BUY: These private number plates are new-series government releases which occur twice each year. They have never existed before and will be released as part of the next registration mark sequence.

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*As with all other private number plate transfer agents, prices are initially shown excluding VAT and Government Transfer fees by default.