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Placing an order

Ready to order a personalised number plate but not sure what information you’ll need? This guide will explain what information we require from you during the ordering process.

Important information

You will need to ensure that the personalised numberplate you have chosen can be legally transferred/assigned to your intended vehicle. If you are not sure, you can use our Transfer Age Rules Checker tool.

You can specify who is to be the vehicle’s Registered Keeper when the personalised number is assigned. We do not need the registered keeper’s address. This may be the name of a person, a business or an organisation such as a car leasing firm or a Motability company. If you do not have this information when you place the order you can supply it later.

Correspondence details

We will need to take some information from you as the purchaser, including your contact details and correspondence address. The correspondence address is the address to which we will send all documentation. Only number plates and Gift Certificates can be sent to alternative addresses. Please note that if you choose to pay by finance then, by law, everything must be sent to the address you use for that finance application.

Even if you are purchasing the personalized number plate for somebody else, it will be your details as our customer that we require at this stage.

Number plates

If you are ordering a new set of number plates, you will need to know which size and shape is required. Most vehicles have standard oblong plates, front and rear. If you are unsure or if the shape is difficult to describe, you can supply us with the measurements and a photograph after you have placed your order.

We are registered with the DVLA to supply number plates.

We only supply road-legal number plates. We cannot alter the spacing or style of your registration mark. If you do this you risk the confiscation of your registration mark by the DVLA without any compensation and could face a substantial fine for breaking the law.

You can read more about the legal requirements for number plates by looking at our DVLA processes and regulations area.