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Customer Focus: Ideas for Sarah J Gibson

S414 RAH Sarah
J12 SJG January 12th + Initials
SA12 AHG Sarah Gibson
M155 SJG Miss Sarah J Gibson
PG04 SJG Partner Plates
SJG 86 Initials + year of birth
SG04 PRG Partner Plates
D064 SJG Dog Lover
0005 SJG Sarah J Gibson
K155 SJG Kiss SJG

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Number plate search guide

If you’re searching for a specific word, our Smart Search System will work out how to transform it into a legal registration, so you don’t have to do that yourself. Just search the name or word you’d like the plate to resemble! PETER, for example, will get you better results than searching for P3T3R.

To start, simply type in what you want your registration number to resemble, such as your name. Our Smart Search will generate results tailored to your preferences.

If you would like to search for something more specific, simply click on the Advanced Options tab which will allow you to filter the search results by plate style, plate status, budget etc. This is a great option if you have something particular in mind you would like to purchase.

Need Inspiration?

This is the fun part! Because our search tool is entirely free, you can search for anything you like to find a plate that suits you.

To get started, why not go through the list below, search for your answer, and see if you like any of the options available?

  1. What’s your name?
  2. What’s your surname?
  3. What are your initials?
  4. What’s your favourite hobby?
  5. What kind of pet do you have?
  6. When is your birthday?
  7. What’s your car model?
  8. Is there a memorable number from a movie/show that you like?
  9. Do you have any lucky numbers?
  10. What are your partner’s initials?

You can put your answers into our Smart Search to find a good private plate for you! Try combining answers for more ideas. People often get plates with both their own initials and their partner’s initials - known as partner plates!

And remember! You can use our Vehicle Age Check dropdown on your results page to grey out plates which are too new for your vehicle.

Some more Great Ideas

G31 MMA Gemma
LO12 RYS Haulage Firm
OO07 RAY For Raymond, A James Bond fan
XD 52 Distinctive Plate
AJL 33 April Jeanette Lee
FA57 BMW Fast BMW car
YU11 MMY Tasty Plate!
XMA 55 It's Christmas

Need moretips, please check out our guide here:

Search results explained

Plate status descriptions explained

As you browse through your search results, you will notice that the private numberplates are listed with different descriptions such as AVAILABLE NOW’ or ‘CHECK IT NOW’. This guide will help you understand the differences between the different types of private number plate.

  • NEW – AVAILABLE NOW: You will be the first person to own the exclusive rights to use these private number plates. You can purchase these over the phone or online, immediately, with a choice of transfer options.
  • PRE-OWNED – AVAILABLE NOW: These private number plates are already in private ownership but are available to buy straight away over the phone or online. Some are held on certificates and some are being used on vehicles, so transfer options will vary.
  • PRE-OWNED – CHECK IT NOW: These private numberplates are already privately owned and we are acting for the seller as their agent. If you enquire into one of these we will contact the seller to confirm availability and other details before proceeding.
  • NEW RELEASE – HOW TO BUY: These private number plates are new-series government releases which occur twice each year. They have never existed before and will be released as part of the next registration mark sequence.

Click the View button to

  • See your chosen private number plate on a selection of example vehicles
  • Learn about and choose additional purchase options
  • See the full price for the private numberplate, including VAT and the Government Transfer Fee*

*As with all other private number plate transfer agents, prices are initially shown excluding VAT and Government Transfer fees by default.

A brief history of number plates

The UK number plate system was introduced in late 1903 with the registration ‘A1’, debatably, being the first. Registration marks were issued in sequence and related to the geographic area they were issued. The registration system has undergone many changes since then. We have put together a brief guide to the different private numberplate styles for you below.

Dateless Style number plates (Mainland UK) (issued between 1903 and 1963)

123 ABC ABC 123
A 1 The Ultimate Registration Mark
25 JR Janet And Ronald's 25th Anniversary
999 ROB Rob The Fire-fighter
TOY 5 Ideal For Toyota or Toy Store Owners
AJL 33 April Jeanette Lee
4 CMP For Christopher Michael Parkinson
ALF 45 Alfred
XMA 55 It's Christmas!
  • Can be transferred to any age vehicle
  • Very rare due to their age
  • Generally the most expensive style
  • No I, Q or Z in the registration
Dateless Plate Quote

I wanted a Dateless plate to cover the age of my vehicle and that would hopefully act as an investment. Plates4Less suggested BB 1967, BJB 808 and XOX 222.

Our Dateless Number Plates area is the most comprehensive in the industry, including lots of useful tools, check out these areas (these links open in new window):

Suffix Style number plates (issued between 1963 and 1983)

ANG 314D Angela Davies
KEN 1X Kenneth, Number 1, Kiss
JON 3S Jones
EDW 412D Edward
GHO 5T Ideal For Rolls Royce Owners and Supernatural Believers!
RAC 3R Racer
JAC 1P Jack or Jacqueline, Number 1, Peters
CAB 846E Cabbage, For Vegetarians!
COS 74A Costa
JAG 805S Jag Boss
  • Age identifier is the last letter (suffix)
  • No I, Q or Z in the registration
Suffix Plate Quote

Plates4Less offered me SAL 19Y which was a great option for us. suggested BB 1967, BJB 808 and XOX 222.

Here are interesting areas for you to look at (these links open in new window):

Prefix Style number plates (issued between 1983 and 2001)

E12 ROR Computer Developers
G3 MMA Gemma
M155 GEG Miss Grace Elizabeth Gallagher
K155 AJS Kiss, Amy Jane Smith
J46 UAR Jaguar
X999 ROB Kiss, For Rob who works in emergency services
N16 GKM Nov 16th (Date of Birth), George K Moore
X40 JHD Kiss, 40th Birthday, Janet Hannah Davies
K8 KLX Katherine (Kate) Lambert, X for a kiss
  • Age identifier is the first letter (prefix)
  • No I, Q or Z in the registration
Prefix Plate Quote

I wanted a fun plate for my new car. Plates4Less found K155ESS for me which I love!

Take a look at the useful features within our Prefix Style Area (opens in new window)

Current Style number plates (issued since 2001)

OO07 RAY For Raymond, A James Bond fan
AN63 LAJ Angela Jones
YU11 MMY Tasty Plate!
LO12 RYS Haulage Firm
AN11 MAL Sports Car Fans/ Vets
SH12 LEY Best Plate for Shirley
SA12 AHJ Sarah Jayne
BO55 RPJ Boss, Rhys Paul James
JE55 GAZ Jessica and Gary
MR52 DVS Mrs Davies
XK03 JRC XK Jaguar, John Robert Clark
JD04 CPD Mr John Dawson and Mrs Claire P Dawson
FA57 BMW Fast BMW car
BE57 JAG Best Jaguar car
  • Age identifier is the two digit number in the middle
  • No I or Q and Z only in the last three letters
Current Plate Quote

I was looking for a plate that spelled my name exactly. Plates4Less suggested the ultimate 'Shirley' plate, SH12LEY.

Find your perfect plate by searching in our Current Style Area (opens in new window)

Northern Irish Number plates

ABZ 1234
SHZ 40 Sharon's 40th Birthday Present
BAZ 101 Barry
BIG 8055 Big Boss
GIL 2068 Gillian
GAZ 6468 Gareth
LNZ 12 Lyndsey
OIL 999 Petrol-head
MIG 6857 Cover Plate, Ideal for hiding vehicle age!
  • Can be transferred to any age vehicle
  • Always have an I or Z in the registration
  • A cheaper alternative to a dateless number plate
Irish Plate Quote

I wanted to get my husband a unique gift. Plates4Less suggested DAZ 84 which is perfect as it's his nickname and year of birth!

Find your perfect plate by searching in our Irish Style Area (opens in new window)

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Video guides for can be viewed using the following links

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  • The number plate on a car.
  • Finance options (with no application or administration fee).

Filters allows you to change how you see your results

Price toggle (Base Price / Government Charges)

Most number plate dealers display the “base price” on search pages and, when you proceed to checkout, the VAT and government fees are added on which can come as a shock.

We like to give our customers the option of viewing all fees at the point of searching for a registration mark.

The total price is determined by which transfer options you choose and as such, we cannot give you a total figure until you decide on these options.

Vehicle age filter

One of the most important rules regarding personalised registrations is that you cannot make a vehicle look newer than it is. The reason for this is to stop fraudsters mis-selling vehicles to unsuspecting buyers, and in turn promotes the sale of new vehicles when the new age identifiers are released. Because of this it is vital that when you are looking at purchasing a personalised registration you check the age of your vehicle.

The Vehicle Age Filter will grey-out number plates which are too new for the vehicle age you choose. You can still buy them and keep them on certificates for later use.

You can find the age of your vehicle by looking on the V5C log book, or if you know the number plate then you can look online here.

Choosing your favourites

You will see a heart icon next to your search results. If you click this, it will turn red and the registration mark will be added to your favourites. When you have selected your favourite options, you can view them all in your Favourites area by clicking the red heart icon on the bottom left of the screen

In your Favourites area, you can easily compare multiple registration marks, view them on a wide range of popular vehicles, and share them on social media or by email for later reference.

Plate status explained


You can view more information about the registration mark and the purchase options by clicking the ‘View & Buy’ button. Here you will find your transfer options, information about the extras you can purchase, and information about our finance options. You can also view the registration mark on a wide range of popular vehicles.


If the registration mark is pre-owned, you can click the ‘View & Check’ button. To check current price and availability or to request a call back, you can complete the enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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