See similar number plates we have for sale

The best way to judge the value of your registration is to search for it. If your registration is not yet listed our Smart Search tool will provide you with a list of similar registrations and their current prices.

If your plate spells a word or a name, it is also a good idea to enter that into the search box to show other plates which do the same job.

Once you have seen what else is on the market, you will be in a better position to set an informed asking price.

Please note: The prices that you see listed include the buyers’ sales administration fee & VAT but exclude the £80 Government Transfer Fee (compulsory).


Advice on setting your Asking Price

If you are looking for a quick sale, you may wish to price your registration slightly lower than similar plates to help give you the edge to sell your registration quicker.

If you are not in a hurry to sell your registration, you may wish to ask for a higher amount and reduce the figure over time to try and generate more interest. You are able to log into your seller’s account to amend your details at any time, but you will not be allowed to increase your price, once we have started a sales negotiation with a prospective buyer, as that would not be fair.

About our seller’s service

Selling your personalised registration with us is completely free. We will not charge you to list and sell your registration, provided you act in an honest and timely manner throughout the sales process.

We believe it is important to both buyers and sellers that the prices advertised on our website offer good value for money. Consequently, the service charges that we add for payment by buyers are amongst the lowest in our industry. As the seller you will also be able to preview your advert before you submit your listing, enabling you to keep your price competitive. Once we have received your listing, we will also endeavour to publish your advert in a timely fashion.

How to check if your registration mark is transferable

You can check if your registration is transferable by viewing “Special Notes” section of your V5 registration certificate (this is usually found on the front page of your V5).

check if your registration mark is transferable

Here it states "Non-transferable registration mark", meaning it cannot be transferred to another vehicle. If there is no mention of non-transferable registration mark in this section then it should be able to be transferred.