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Free Number Plate Valuations

We are happy to provide free number plate valuations for anyone who is considering listing their registration marks for sale with us. By asking us to provide you with a free valuation we will not automatically assume that you wish to list your plate for sale like other agents.

As market experts we compile our valuation guidance by carefully monitoring what people are searching for, what is selling, what is not, and what else a buyer may choose as an alternative plate.

Valuations are only available by using the form below, unfortunately there is no alternative telephone service. Thank you

Our Free Number Plate Valuation Service

Having access to the anonymized searching data of over 17,000 buyers per day and minute by minute digital updates of online stock availability, we are able to accurately record number plate sale prices achieved in the whole marketplace , - vital information for an accurate plate valuation.

The Suggested Value Range is our professional opinion of what should be realistically achievable in the present market, however you’re entirely free to list your number plate for sale and specify your own price. We do check to see if prices are inflated to unrealistic levels which we believe may never be achievable and contact those concerned.

This free valuation should not be used without our permission for legal purposes such as probate or division of chattels/

"Must I be the owner of the number plate to get a valuation?"

No, you don’t need to be the owner just to get a valuation but you do need to be the owner or be acting with their express permission, if you then wish to list one for sale Must I sell my number plate if I get a FREE valuation? No, you don’t need to list your number plate for sale but we would like to make a record of the details of this valuation and link it to your contact details so that if you do come to sell in future then we know what has already been discussed. As per GDPR guidelines you can always ask us to remove your details from our systems at any time.

"If I do decide to sell, do you charge for advertising my numberplate for Sale?"

No, our service is completely free to sellers and your number plate will be continuously promoted to over 17,000 new buyers every day until it is sold.