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Can I Sell My Number Plate Back To The DVLA?

No, unfortunately you cannot sell your private number plate back to the DVLA. In fact, the DVLA already automatically owns all the UK number plates in existence as they are the legal issuing authority. The DVLA allows the ‘right to display’ their registrations to be traded as a commodity by facilitating the transfer of the ‘rights to display’ between different vehicles for a fee, presently £80.

If I can't sell my number plate back to the DVLA what can I do?

If you would like sell your number plate to someone else, then we have a free service, whereby you can list any number plate you control and name your price.

All you need to do is complete the form below to set up your free account and then you can sell the number plates you own the rights to. Once we have found you a buyer then they will pay our costs so this service is completely free to you, provided you abide by our terms and conditions of course.

We will contact the DVLA on your behalf to transfer the number plate to the new owner and send you the proceeds of your sale as soon as we receive confirmation from the DVLA, simples!